Friday, 22 April 2011

Banner and escape.

We had a lovely escape to the beach yesterday, which was well deserved by the children as they've been so patient with my obsessive work load lately. This was the first time Manchee had seen waves and he was really very scared. My lovely son showed him there was nothing to fear

and pretty soon Manchee was speeding over the water like a jet-ski! He was everywhere at once and made us laugh so much with his antics.

Let me tell you, the water was not warm. It's very early in the season for much more than paddling but after laying on the stones, listening to the roll and roar of the waves I suddenly realised that I needed to be fully in the water. After this picture with the Moomin, I threw off my shorts and t-shirt and went for a swim. I was wearing a swimsuit, I must add, haha! It was lovely to be pushed and pulled by the waves, it's a feeling that you just don't get in a swimming pool and I've rediscovered my love of the sea.

Back home and back to work. Rather than buy an expensive banner for the fairs this year, I decided to make one and I'm so glad I did.

It's worked out far better than I'd hoped and I've found so much joy in just picking up a paintbrush and sploshing it around on a piece of canvas :D

While it sits drying, I'll make a start on the Gazeebo, have a good day all :D


rossichka said...

Your energy comes to me, dear Kimberley, you are so full of zest for work and life!:) Maybe the main reason is Spring? What a nice decision - to spend some hours by the sea! Is it near to where you live? We've had a dog once, Mixy, and I remember pretty well his first meeting with the Black Sea.. He wasn't afraid, just surprised at first, but some mintutes later he behaved himself as the greatest swimmer in the world (as all dogs are)!
Good luck with the Fair! I like the idea of making the banner by yourself, as well as the new header.
Happy Easter Holidays to all of you!

renilde said...

Love the sea.
Love the new look of your blog.
Love your banner! x Succes!

Abi said...

Swimming in old Blighty seas? no way!
Must have been freezing!
Lovely art work as always.

Yarrow said...

Thank you Rossichka, dogs are great aren't they ?
Wow, Renilde, thank you :D
I don't know what came over me Abi, haha :D