Friday, 15 April 2011

Work and play.

We had such a lovely family day out with my sweet Nan. She's well into her 90's and as much fun now as when she was younger and she gets on so well with the Moomin :D

A lovely lunch was followed by a walk in the Rock Gardens, a very traditional Victorian style garden. It felt so much smaller than when I was a child and would find hiding places behind the rocks and in the trees.

The waterfall is still so beautiful, even if it is in a busy town and I sat on an ants nest at the top when I was 9!!!

On our way home, we took a detour to pick up two new members of our family.
My lovely son and his kitten Cottonmouth (named after a movie character). She's every bit as classy and lethal as her namesake!

This is Piper who is for Moomin and I to share :D

Already Piper has decided that long hair makes a good nest.

And little Cotton knows where she's happy.

Manchee is madly in love with them both, but can't understand how his size intimidates them.

A long walk in my favourite woods took some of the edge off Manchee's energy and gave me the time to wind down after the day in the City. I do find it hard to be among so many people and buildings now and here is where I escape.

Work continues for the Fair, although this one is causing a few minor issues.

I love working with watercolour, but I don't feel I'm quite as easy with it as I am the acrylics. Do you recognise the subject?


Kadeeae said...

They are adorable!! I could go for a cuddle about now, lol

Ooo, the painting's lovely too!

Yarrow said...

They are lovely Kadeeae and the dog is as in love as the rest of us :D

rossichka said...

Such an interesting post! A journey you would come back to in your thoughts... It must be exciting to see the places where you had been happy as a child, as well as to show them to your children! When I look at the photo of your Nan and Moomin, I think that spirit is the essential thing, not age...
The two kitties are adorable and I guess it's much more funny at your home now!
You have wonderful kids, Kimberley!:)
Oh, I like the painting - a very unusual composition!

Morning's Minion said...

The appeal of kittens is one I never outgrow! I'm glad you have two--they are inspiration and comfort for each other.
Such a nice place for a memorable outing.

Yarrow said...

Thank you dear ones for visiting and sharing :D

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

I love your kittens AND your artwork! Your studio is beautiful...great post...and please tell your Nan someone in California thinks she's lovely as well :)

Dartford Warbler said...

Your kittens are beautiful! We have so enjoyed having our newest kitten, Lucy. She is about seven months old now. Still full of fun and mischief, but a loyal, loving little cat.

I`m sure people will want your inspiring art work during these difficult times. There is a sense of peace and escape about them.

Yarrow said...

Oh Elizabeth, thank you I will tell my Nan :D

Thank you DW, and I'm afraid kittens can be obsessive and the dog agrees with me :D