Sunday, 15 May 2011

About ponies.

When was the last time I got out and rode our family pony, Toffee??? Do you know, I honestly can't remember. It must have been over a year ago as this time last year I was preparing Merlin for a very important show and didn't have the time to ride at all.

Merlin has been taking the limelight for a very long time. This paid off last year, when an important member of the Eriskay Society came to inspect him for his stallion licence. It was a nailbiting day with decisions to be discussed and made at the next Committee meeting and so more waiting for me! However, I think his sterling performance in the Handy Pony class and winning the unridden section is what swung the balance in his favour and he has since sired a foal which is due to be born in August :D

However, a challenging life has put the ponies firmly on the back burner since last year and they've been living the life of Riley in their field, getting a little fat and really quite bored. I've not known what to do with them and simply haven't had the energy to ride, until a few days ago! I've been following this blog, this amazing blog Ride around Britain , do take a look and a moment to say 'hi' to Lisa as I'm sure she'd love to hear from you all. She's supporting some worthy charities on her ride, one of which is the Lluest Horse and pony Trust, who coincidentally I've done some work for in the past, and I love the idea of packing up and taking off on the road. As I'm still not in a position to buy a varda (and I don't think Toffee could pull one if I did!) I got to thinking that I need to look at a smaller picture.

I'm still not sure where this is taking me, but I've begun getting Toffee and Manchee working together with a view to taking them on some long rides together. I'd love to take Merlin out too, but being a stallion, this is more problematical and will need a lot more thought!

Manchee will benefit from the discipline so that he can tell the difference between a pony that likes to be chased and those (ie all others) that don't! Merlin seems to relish these slightly dangerous games, but Toffee really can't be bothered and so has a calmer relationship with them both.


Kim said...

sounds like there may be something exciting coming down the line for you. riding always seems to be a cleansing, healing thing to me. still sending you good vibes, even if i don't comment, Kim.

Yarrow said...

Thank you dear Kim. It's lovely to hear from you and Merlin sends you kisses :D

Bovey Belle said...

Have some fun with the ponies and relax after all the stress of recent weeks and months. I think you deserve some time off.