Monday, 9 May 2011

A few days off.

A think a few days rest is definitely on the cards after the Fair on Sunday. I'm totally worn out and not used to being on my feet all day!
I made some very nice new friends yesterday and hello to you all if you find your way here :D

I nearly didn't make it the Fair though as on Saturday night the Moomin fell off her roller blades and we spent over 3hours in casualty having her arm x-rayed and then plastered. It was a bit of a traumatic time but she was determined to come along yesterday and I was so proud of her. Thankfully her wrist is only fractured and so should heal cleanly! I was also very thankful for the help of my darling son as he gave up his Sunday to sit with me in a tent in a field :D

The silver lining to this disaster was that a dear friend has just set up a business importing the most amazingly beautiful tents and gave me the use of a gorgeous mediaeval structure. Hopefully I'll have some photos to share with you later, but for today I'll just be packing away prints and doing some much needed housework. It looks like the Trolls have had a heck of a party while we were out :D


rossichka said...

You surely need a rest, Kimberley, besides a deserved one! I believe Moomin will recover soon and oh, what a caring son you have! Our son helps us, too, at our Saturday workshops for children and adults, taking care of the music. The boys are at the age when want to be treated like adults and prove us and themselves that are persons we can rely on.:)
I'm waiting eagerly for your next post!!

Yarrow said...

Thank you as ever dear friend :D