Monday, 16 May 2011


The little plastic greenhouse (otherwise known as the Incident Tent!) is yielding lots of goodies again this year. Far more tomatoes than I can accommodate!

The luxury of flowers this year, Cosmos, Poppies and Hollyhocks :D

and underneath a couple of cucumbers and a courgette, bought from the village jumble sale as mine were a no-show!

In my home made raised bed lots of lovely strawberries with green beans behind and a few onions in between as I was running out of space!

Inside the greenhouse all is ready for the tomatoes, and the herbs I planted between the paving slabs are all coming along nicely.

Today's work, a rough little sketch of Toffee and Manchee. The first of many I think :D

Toffee had a visit from the farrier and I was told that he's in great shape and his feet are perfect. More than able to have a go at going barefoot, although the farrier wasn't convinced about the hoofboots when I asked him. More research needed I think!


renilde said...

Oh yeah let it al grow and bloom!

I love how you captured Toffee and Manchee's expressions and emotions; curiosity, humility, alertness it's all there, x

Kadeeae said...

Lots of lovely veggie goodness going on there!

The drawing is absolutely precious :)

Yarrow said...

Thank you friends :D