Thursday, 5 May 2011

I've been a bit of a wreck this week as I prepare the final details for the Green Fair on Sunday. My practice table looks really bare at the moment, but I know how I want it to look for the show, and I'm nearly finished with some last minute pieces, so that should help. Taking pictures of the table at various stages helps with the final planning, I find.

During a break from work, I made this delicious raw, vegan chocolate cheesecake. The base is made from chopped soaked nuts and dates and the top is, wait for it...... Avocado and cacao powder with a little syrup or honey for sweetness! It's amazingly delicious and so healthy especially served with some chopped strawberries :D

Back to the painting, a few miniatures painted on the applewood slices that I prepared months ago.

A much larger piece now. This is Dipstick, a Jack Russell terrier that belongs to my dear friend the Woodelf. Dipstick is getting on a bit in years and can be a bit cranky sometimes, but she's mostly a little poppet :D This was the halfway mark, with all the underpainting completed.

And this is the almost finished piece, just some final fiddling and maybe a bit of glazing. I have to say I'm very pleased with this one and especially love the abstract background, which is a technique I feel very comfortable with.

Today I have some more miniatures to paint, some hawthorn I picked up on my walk with the dog, and then maybe another large painting for the show!!!

(As I'm typing, I have Cotton purring on my lap and Piper is biting the poor, worn out dog's feet! He's gone off her I think!)


rossichka said...

I like the portrait of Dipstick and the miniatures on wood, especially the unicorn... That reminded me of my slice of wood that I have kept somewhere, but have completely forgotten about it. I hope we didn't warm ourselves at its heat during winter!:)
You are very productive and I admire every new piece of art you show us! Good luck with the Fair!

renilde said...

I said it before and have to repeat myself, you are very good at painting animals and pets. I get the impression you feel much more confident doing them, maybe because you feel really a strong connection with the subject. Your applewood slices are beautiful. Good luck and succes with the show! x

Bovey Belle said...

Good luck with the show - I shall be thinking of you ALL DAY and wishing you lots of sales. Your portrait of Dipstick is fabulous - I feel I've met him!

Your little wooden roundels remind me of a stand that used to be at the big agricultural shows back in the 1970s, with little portraits of horses and ponies, or wild flowers, on.

Yarrow said...

Thank you lovely friends, I'm rushed off my feet, but hopefully will have lots of lovely pictures of the day :D