Tuesday, 14 June 2011

When kitties take over!

Kitties sleeping in the dog's 'place'. It's not his bed, but the place he goes to when we go out, and the place he sits when visitors knock on the door and understandably don't want to be jumped on. He likes his 'place', he gets biscuits when he sits here nicely.

He doesn't like to see it used for fighting and

was most put out when he came home from his walk to find it usurped! You can just see Piper's tail between his front legs!

Despite Piper's 'help' I've almost finished the latest painting. Just some tweaking to do now. The idea for this painting came from a friend's plea for help to raise funds for her sick horse and the pose of woman and horse is based on a picture of my friend. This was such an enjoyable painting, but I think mainly because it came from my heart. I tried to paint something along the same lines today and it simply wouldn't work. It goes to show that you need to be passionate about the pictures for them to go well!


rossichka said...

The dog's place looks so cosy and sheltered, I'm not surprised the kitties liked it, too! But everyone must "know his place" - I completely agree with him!
It seems so thrilling to finish a painting you have worked upon with passion and desire. Well done! Aren't you going to miss it??

Bovey Belle said...

On someone's blog recently there was a photo of a cat on the dog's bed and the dog with a tiny bit of its bottom shoved on the cat's bed! Made me laugh. Tell him he has to learn to share!

I love the painting and I get the same way with writing - sometimes it flows, sometimes I get words coming to me and HAVE to write them down, but other times - nothing!

laoi gaul~williams said...

such sweet kitties :)

your painting is just beautiful!

Dartford Warbler said...

That is a beautiful painting Yarrow. I hope your friend`s horse is recovering. It is so stressful and emotionally draining when they are sick.

Our kitten is often in the middle of the dog`s bed, and the dog is on the floor!