Monday, 25 July 2011

Art in Action.

After wanting to go for many years, Moomin and I managed to grab a couple of tickets on a coach trip to Waterperry Park for the Art in Action experience. So many things looked set to stop us going yet again, the worst of which was Moomin having another accident and ending up in Casualty for 4 1/2 hours the night before!!! Thankfully her foot was not broken, but my nerves were seriously damaged by the time we left! We got to bed at 1am and had to be up at 6.30am and we didn't even sleep on the coach which is incredible for me as I often doze off on long journeys!!!

The large sculptures were incredible and I wish I'd taken more pictures now.

This little guy was my favourite. I think it's his expression :D

A dodo taller than Moomin.

A regal hound.

This lady was so elegent and the international tent had a very peaceful atmosphere despite the crowds.

Glass blowing, very entertaining.

A new favourite sculptor, Elaine Peto,

I loved this ladies work and her pieces have a fabulous energy.

After a disappointing and bland lunch!!! we needed to get away from the crowds and the formal gardens led into a wild walk by the river. Perfect.

Back to the drawing and sketching tent to meet this lovely lady Gemma Appleby.

Her charcoal pictures looked like photographs and were so restful to look at.

Then, what did we spy but a very well known and unique dragon wrapped van. I know who that belongs to :D

The first time we met Jackie Morris, I'm afraid I was too awestruck to string a proper sentence together! I have quite a collection of her children's books and so do my children and their friends haha!

By the end of the day though, I'd talked to so many well known and respected people, including Cliff Wright who illustrated a couple of Harry Potter books, that I was getting over my nerves and actually had a lovely chat with Jackie and Catherine Hyde. I've admired Catherine's work for some years since Jackie mentioned her on her blog and it was a perfect end to a truly wonderful day :D

I'm full to the brim with inspiration but first have to clear up my very messy studio :D


a mermaids purse said...

how inspiring- bet you and the moomin had such a wonderful creative experience there ;0)x

rossichka said...

The Art in Action event seems to have been an experience of great value for you - emotional, professional and inspirational! The photos lead us to such uinteresting artistic spots, that show what the atmosphere was like and make me think that there're so many talented people on the Earth... It's so nice that you met and could talk with artists you admire! It's so nice for Moomin to be with you at such events - she can see and feel things, unknown to a lot of children.
Have a lovely week!:-)

rossichka said...

I hope Moomin feels already well!

Yarrow said...

We did Kaz, and thanks for dropping by :D

Thank you Rossichka, Moomin is much better now and it was a fantastic day :D

renilde said...

Must be a great show with all these great artists and personalities, glad you and Moomin had a wonderful day,x

Dartford Warbler said...

My sons went to Art in Action years ago, with school , and they loved it.

It must have been a wonderful day!

Good to hear that Moomin`s foot is mending.

Jackie Morris said...

Browsing the web for pictures of dragons what do I find, but my van! Hi. You coming to art in action again this year? Hoping for good weather.