Saturday, 30 July 2011

The day was cancelled!

Yesterday was pretty much cancelled and now I'm left playing catch up! A killer migraine sent me to a darkened room where I'm afraid I wasn't too gracious about it, haha!

My dear Mother brought me a big bag of salads from the market and so today I will once again tackle the courgette mountain and fill the freezer with yummies for the winter ahead. There will be a huge pan of roasted veg and a cauldron of rattatouille :D

The van will be tackled later, but I need to take it all slowly as my eye is still blurry and I don't want the migraine back!!!

Thank you for visiting and leaving lovely comments, I'm constantly amazed by the blogging community and the kind people I 'meet' :D

Right the greenhouse is calling and I should probably take some photos of the jungle in there :D


Dartford Warbler said...

Migraines are horrible! Not only the pain and sickness but the waste of a precious day. I hope you feel better today Yarrow.

I used to have at least one bad one every month. Have you tried Imigran ( Sumatriptin)? They have transformed life for me. They can make an early migraine disappear and, at worse, turn a migraine into a much milder headache. I wish I had discovered them sooner! My GP has put them on prescription but you can buy them over the counter at Boots, although they are quite expensive. Worth it to save a day though.....

Good luck with the courgettes. I`m still waiting for mine to be big enough to eat!

renilde said...

Oh sorry to hear about your migraine, look well after yourself dear.
But i can hear your optimism through your words, bon appetit! x

Yarrow said...

I'll give those a try, DW.x
Thanks Renilde, much better for a walk now :D