Monday, 4 July 2011

The fun of the fair!

There was a very calm and peaceful energy at the fair and the Moomin and I met some very lovely people and some of them found my tie dye baby grows irresistable :D On the first day we took the dog with us, but he just found the whole thing too exhausting, so was sadly left at home on Sunday. Only for a few hours though as my son was with him and then joined me at the fair to hear his school friends performing on the stage. They did a sterling job and a huge well done to them :D

There were a lot of displays on the main field, but my favourite had to be the Belly dancers, they were just stunning. This was the best picture and I'm afraid the poor girl is lost in front of the children's ride, but if you click on the picture you'll see her better.

Moomin found plenty to hold her attention and bought a few pretties, including a sweet little bracelet for me and I bought a very nice CD by a travelling harper, how magical that sounds :D

After a late supper, I took a glass of beer and sat in my van to read. It was cool and peaceful out there :D

Now the real world needs attending to in the shape of neglected household duties and some new paintings :D

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