Saturday, 2 July 2011

Working weekend.

If I think my normal week is a busy time, then that's nothing compared to the weekends that I have a fair to attend. This one is for a charity called Wildfire - Kids Alchemy and is aimed at raising money for underprivileged children so that they can learn to balance their lives and emotions through creative activities. It's a two day event and I'm going to be exhausted by the end of it. So many household chores will be neglected and the children will be hopping between helping me and animal sitting!
Sadly the van is nowhere near ready and a quick patch up for the weekend wasn't an option as everything still smells strongly of an artificial air freshener. Those horrid things make me feel so sick and despite several washings the curtains still smell of over ripe fruit! The cushions were going to be stripped, but they are horrid underneath, so it's all going to the dump. This is offset against the cushions that I saved from my old sofas as wherever possible I love to recycle and I knew my cushions would come in handy one day :D

The kitchen area, very basic and crying out for attention.

Right seating area,

left seating area and power hook up cable. I'm not sure how much use I'll get from that, but will have to see.

Time to load up the car and get my Festival head on. Have a lovely weekend friends :D


renilde said...

I am sure you will make that van look great and me too, i can't stand artificial air fresheners but that will go (lots of ventilating and why not try some good quality perfume candles, a lavender scented van would be great and summery)
Have a nice weekend dear, enjoy the festival, x

Kadeeae said...

Oh that van . . . ooo the possibilities! lol

Festival sounds grand, have a great time.

Ren@Fairysteps said...

hope the fair went well and that you didnt boil!!! The van looks like a long job but it will be worth it! Ren x

Tammie said...

That does sound like you have some work to get your van as you would like it. Fairs do take a lot of energy and effort but also can be a wonderful experience. Wishing you a grand time.

rossichka said...

I believe you'll turn your van into a very beautiful place for special days and nights and for unforgetable trips! You have the will, taste and energy, so you'll manage... I'm waiting eagerly to hear your story about the Festival!:)

Jeanne Klaver said...

I enjoyed scrolling through your blog. I hope you have a super weeknd at the festival.

Yarrow said...

Lovely comments from dear friends :D The van is indeed a big undertaking, but it's already a lot nicer now that it's clean :D