Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Coming along.

When we first collected the van, the inside looked like this,

and smelled of an overpowering air freshner that was really quite disgusting.

The soft furnishings were all disposed of and I made new lids for the storage trunks. The children stained them while I painted the bases which were a very dark and gloomy grey!

The interior is so much brighter now and the next job is to make new cushions for us to sleep on. The bases will also be decorated, probably in a celtic design.

Our first trip is planned for this weekend. I'm not sure how much will be finished in time, so I'd better get on with it :D


laoi gaul~williams said...

its looking good!
i am busy making bits and bibs to brighten up our interior.
we have built it ourselves and its varnished ply and looks like a narrow boat inside but it was too many shade of brown!

Kadeeae said...

Still so envious ;)

Dartford Warbler said...

You have been busy! It will look lovely when you have the new cushions installed.

Ren@Fairysteps said...

Wishing you strength!!!! Its going to brilliant, Ren x

rossichka said...

Have a nice and exciting trip! I'm sure you'll manage with the arrangements. You have the support and help of your children.:)xx

Yarrow said...

Thank you as always dear friends.
Laoi, I'm hoping to change the cladding as the carpet still smells so strongly of air freshner and it's not a good smell!