Sunday, 7 August 2011

Maiden voyage!

An afternoon spent making curtains was well spent as the van looked so pretty filled with lovely colours.

Unfortunately I didn't get time to finish covering the cushions, but the throws looked good anyway. The blue cushions were from my old sofa, haha!

The children were excited to be off and I couldn't delay any longer! I had to trust the van to get us there and myself to handle it. Hells teeth, it was heavy going!

I did get the hang of it though and discovered that hills were best tackled in a sling-shot fashion. Fast down one hill so the momentum carried me almost to the top of the next one! It was a bit hairy driving it fast and the speedo wasn't terribly accurate, but I guessed I was doing around 60, but feeling like I was thundering along at 100!!!

Our first campsite was lovely. So peaceful with loooong woodland walks all around. The dog loved it but wasn't so keen on spending the night in the tiny tent with me. I thought the van was a bit crowded for us all on reflection.

My son did enjoy the peace and quiet :D

And the kitchen area very soon resembled home (messy!)!!!

It was a good first trip and another is now being planned :D


Julia Kelly said...

You are such an adventurous women!! Love the inside colors and what a fun trip!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Your post made me smile ear to ear. I am impressed! You came out the other side bigger, brighter, better! What a fabulous adventure that you and your children will remember on those snowy evenings in the future! :-D

Julia Guthrie said...

Hoorah!! Great adventures will be had in your trusty steed. lol
Looks like great fun :)

Yarrow said...

I never used to be so adventurous, Julia :D

Thank you DD, for such supportive words.

Julia, it was fun and more to be had soon.x

rossichka said...

It must have been a very exciting experience! You are so energetic and... brave! You said and did it, besides very quickly - a lovely house "on wheels". Your children are happy to have such a Mum! You look very beautiful, driving the van!!x

Karen said...

Looks really cosy and great fun. And this is just the beginning of many adventures! x

~Willow~ said...

your van looks wonderful. you are an inspiration x