Sunday, 28 August 2011

A wet day out.

We took the van out on a rather unpleasant day.

Manchee wondered at our decision (he doesn't like rain it seems!).

It was wet and oppressive in the woods

and as the rain dwindled a heavy mist settled over us all.

Perfect weather for chasing sticks and generally going insane!

Would you believe these are the clearest pictures of Manchee in the woods?

Twisty trees made interesting frames

and were fun to explore.

Lots of walking

while I painted pictures in my head and tried to work out how to capture the moody atmosphere.

Finally back to the van

to get dry and have a lovely hot cup of tea

and do some crochet.

(and yes, I'm wearing that top again!!!)


Captain Shagrat said...

Iv'e wanted a camper van for ages but they are so pricey these days. Do you still have cards with the lovely seahorses?

Dartford Warbler said...

Beautiful photos of the trees Yarrow. Especially the last misty one with brown leaves underfoot.

Yarrow said...

Cap, my van came from Ebay at a crazy price. I've doubled it's value by cleaning out all the detritus!!!

Thank you DW, it's lovely in the woods at this time of year :D

laoi gaul~williams said...

its so great to have a camper and be able to have a nice cup of tea :)
we ended up having an impromtu day out at the beach the other weekend to see the air festival in bournemouth (without the red arrows~so sad, that poor man)
we always keep tea and unopened uht in there so we were able to have a lovely cup of tea sitting on the clif top. we are now packing up for ten days away...vanfest is next weekend!