Thursday, 6 October 2011

Of Quiet and Unicorns.

(a tiny preview)

Words lately have been in short measure as a difficult anniversary approaches and a drawing in of energy reflects in the Season.

We've been without a TV for a short while and our evenings have instead been filled with talking, games and crochet.

The fur babies take to the sofa

while I fill the room with candlelight.

Suddenly Autumn halted and Summer gave a brief and extravagant display while in the woods with very dear friends the cool shadows hid treasures among deep leaf litter.

A sudden surprise in the New Forest. Pigs!!! The pigs are let out onto the Forest to eat the acorns which are poisonous to the ponies, who will eat them if there's nothing else to graze on. See the colt in the back ground? I'd be very tempted by him!!!

I do love piggly wigglies :D

A few days later, while the sun still shone as though it was August, the Moomin and I went with a dear friend to the Glastonbury Witches Market. It was such an amazing day and we managed to buy a few very special items. I found such a lovely bronze pendant in the shape of a horse's head and Moomin spent her hard earned pocket money.

We had our lunch in the Chalice Wells garden.

(Moomin and A enjoying the sun)

The pool was so cool on a stiffling day.

I never tire of this view.

My thoughts were so still and as empty as the pool.

I took a moment to myself to give thanks for the wonderful things in my life and to remember my dear horse Oliver.

I tied a ribbon on this tree in his memory. Always in my heart.x

The Otters is now finished and I'm very happy with it. It's waiting for a frame and is currently sitting on the mantlepiece. There will be some very good quality prints going in my Etsy shop today.


Kim said...

Better today.... and your art always makes me happy!

Yarrow said...

Thank you Kim, take care.x

rossichka said...

You and horses...! You love and know them, that's why you draw them in such a brilliant way!!!
You enjoyed the last summer gifts and the photos will take you back to those pretty moments, when you are cold in the long dark winter days.

Greentwinsmummy said...

{hugs} x
I have just been sat here enjoying your music x I forgot how perfectly divine Ice Dance was x

I know what its like to face anniversarys.But think of it like this, make it a day where you remake the future, so next year you have the new to look back on rather than the old if that makes sense? x x

Keep strong,you are a strong independant woman, hold your head up and say to yourself I can get through the hard days when they come x x x

Callies Cottage said...

Chalice Well gardens- what a wonderful and magical place- I still have some of the water in my fridge!
Warm Wishes,