Sunday, 27 November 2011

Back to work.

I'm back in the Studio tomorrow after a much needed break. I've some great ideas for Christmas gifts and the Christmas card to sort out. Do I go with Unicorns or Hares??? I'll see which I'm happiest with or maybe do both :D

The ripple blanket has progressed in a delightful manner and is keeping my lap warm on these cold winter evenings. It really is starting to feel wintry at night and I'm glad of all things wool to keep me warm and busy.

For now it's hot water bottle time and a quick read of a truly amazing book. The frozen landscapes in 'The Girl with Glass feet' by Ali Shaw has lately been mirrored outside my window before the sun decides whether or not to favour the day. As I snuggle under my covers, this book chills me as much as the falling temperatures. It's beautifully written, and has drawn me into it's mysterious pages, other than that, I'm struggling to describe it. It's not a happy book! Not so far at least :D

On that note, I will away to bed. Good night dear ones :D


Tammie said...

always nice to find a book to enjoy. I am enjoying one now: The Wood Wife by Terri Windling.
Stay warm, i think it is time for me to start a fire.

Yarrow said...

I may have to look at that one Tammie, I've enjoyed Terri's short stories, although I've already a huge stack to work through :D

Simone said...

Yarrow , please get yourself a happy bedtime book! I am reading The latest Stonewylde book and must admit that it gives me nightmares sometimes!

Kadeeae said...

I suggest you do .... both! lol

I so envy you and your rippley blanket! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

I've been away from Blogger for awhile but found your new blogging home and just wanted to say, it looks great. Nice to hear you're doing well, take care.

Yarrow said...

Good to see you here Elizabeth.x

It's not such a bad book, Kadeeeae, just not terribly happy!

Simone, I didn't realise Stonewylde was like that. I have book one but haven't started it yet!