Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cleaning paste.

Following on from yesterdays post for Tammie, I thought I'd just share with you a quick little tip for cheap cleaning paste that's free from harmful chemicals and extremely light on the purse!

Into a small pot or glass dish pour a little dish washing liquid, add about a table spoon of bicarbonate of soda and a few drips of water. I also add a squirt of anti bacterial spray which is my only bought cleaning product other than bleach for toilets and drains.

Mix to a creamy paste and use for cleaning sinks, baths showers and worktops. In fact this paste is great for just about any cleaning job, just be careful on plastic or surfaces that mark easily. Rinse well and then buff up with an old towel for an amazing shine.

Another tip for saving money is to buy the bags of soda crystals and add a cupful to your washing machine instead of the expensive brands that reduce limescale. Soda crystals can also replace many other cleaning products too. Mix with white vinegar to shift limescale in sinks or toilets. Leave for an hour or so, scrub and rinse.

I've managed to save so much money now that I'm not buying all the products I used to use and this is kinder to the environment.

Edited to add: Also, to unblock drains or sinks, add a cupful of soda crystals, a half cup of white vinegar and leave for half an hour. Then pour in a kettle full of boiling water and the blockage should clear. I usually need to do this a couple of times for one of our sinks as some of Moomin's hair usually goes down the plug hole where she brushes it in front of the mirror!!!


Tammie said...

hello Yarrow,
thank you for sharing your wise and kind cleaning tips. I will be trying them.
I am not sure what bags of soda crystals are. I may google them and figure it out.

it is snowing as i write you, so lovely and wintery out. nearing two inches of new snow.
lovely weekend to you.

Yarrow said...

Oh wow, how magical it sounds where you are :D