Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dark Mornings.

Snuggled in front of the fire, sipping hot tea before starting the crazy rush around before school. I love this Season as Autumn drifts into cold, harsh Winter.

Spring was always my favourite season, with it's promise of new life and a hot, reliable Summer. But in recent years Spring has often failed to live up to it's promises with it's hesitations and sudden late frosts blighting young plants.

Summer, well, that's long been an unreliable season leaving human and animals shivering one day and melting the next! This year, Summer hung on as long as possible, like a child trying to dodge bed time. but now that season is fully asleep and we can indulge in our blowy winter walks and nights listening to wind and rain buffeting our little house with it's bedrooms tucked up into the roof.

So I sit here, ready now to start the day and my year has come full circle. As I look back to last year when everything that was secure was thrown into the air like a deck of Alice's playing cards I realise that I've come far and survived much.

I'm ready now for the adventures to come and am looking forward so much to Christmas. I know many people think it's too early to start thinking of presents, but when I have to make and sell them, I need to be ahead of everyone else, so do forgive me as I will be constantly talking about my favourite season. Also, as we are a lot like the poor church mice, this year will definitely be on a budget so you can expect a lot of handy hints and tips on how to save money.


Captain Shagrat said...

yeah but the budget Christmas might be even more enjoyable. Love your recent drawing with the little otter

Country Rabbit said...

really enjoying your art work ;0), christmas is better when you try and make things instead of expensive always inspire me with your wonderful, magical drawings- sorry my comments have been thin on the ground, kazzy x (used to be A Mermaids Purse)

Yarrow said...

Thank you lovelies for visiting and I must confess that I'm loving making things for my family and friends. I just hope they enjoy receiving them :D