Thursday, 10 November 2011

Feel the love.

I took the dog for a very early morning walk today and this is the first time he's ever stuck his head out of the window. What a sudden surge of love I felt. I've wanted a dog for so very long and this boy does all the things I expected (aside from eating other animals pooh, that was a shocker!). He runs with his tongue out, plays fetch, growls and protects me and now sticks his head out of a moving car. Crazy :D

I just love the gorgeous Autumn colours in the woods.

Sadly I didn't get many pictures before the camera battery died, but I did snap these lovely chestnuts. I filled my pockets with some mighty fat little fellows and will blanch and freeze them for Christmas. It feels good to get a start on preparations and free ones are even better :D

I've been very good with my house blessing hours and todays was finishing off my bedroom. This is a very old chest of drawers that I picked up for £20 in the Spring. An amazing bargain I thought, until I stripped off the plastic covering to find it riddled with woodworm! A good soaking in worm treatment and several hours of stripping off vile varnish left me with a delightful little oak unit. You simply cannot buy these pieces of furniture these days unless you're willing to part with mega bucks!!! I've just got to fit the new handles and it's done. Today however, I treated it to a thorough work out with homemade bees wax and honey polish. Look at that shine :D

I also got around to putting my Sun and stars on the wall. These were made by a dear friend that I've sadly lost touch with so I'll have to make the moon myself, haha!

I also had one of those lightbulb moments concerning the apple mountain. The reason I've not tackled it fully is because I simply don't want to!!! Ah well, tomorrow's another day and Fly Lady would not be impressed if she saw the kitchen this week, haha!


Tammie said...

oh, your dog and your walk are wonderful!

look at the beauty of a dresser too! Such hard work. I did that last year with a table. I thought I was getting such a good deal until I spent more money on the refinishing materials and hours of labor. Still the end result is oh so good. Would you share your homemade polishing recipe with me? Pretty please ~

Country Rabbit said...

i love the dog out the car window piccy...excitable about the looming walk ahead of him in the woods ;0)
love the piccys of your home too x

p.s i have a few mollie makes not all of them as they are quite a price...but like you i adore the homely pics of creative peps x

Yarrow said...

Of course Tammie, I'll have to have a think about it though, as I made it up as I went along. I'll put it in a blog post.

They are pricey aren't they Kaz, but just your kind of thing. They'd love your home :D