Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Christmas :D

Merry Christmas and Yule Blessings to all my dear blogging friends .

My little heart tree was treated to some fairy lights and looks so adorable that I know I'll have trouble taking the lights off when the time comes!

The tree is pretty much the same as ever, althought some of the fairy lights did pack up a few days ago!

My little home made fairy survived another year in the loft.

I may make some more like her to sell for next year!

Despite being knocked off my feet with a chest infection, I decided that I couldn't cope with Christmas in a kitchen with paint samples all over the walls. The pale blue gave way to warm biscuit, which took a while to grow on me.

Now, however, I love my kitchen and how warm and cosy it feels.

I did run out of time (and energy!) to finish making the curtains though, which is a shame, but they'll be hung in the next day or two.

The blind was easy to make and is so bright and cheery compared to the blue one.

Manchee had a great time Christmas morning and enjoyed the wrapping paper as much as his toys! Can you see my books there on the table. Two new Terry Pratchett books, although I need to buy the first in the series, which means a trip to a bookshop, shame :D

Moomin loved her new t-shirt, which is by Paul Kidby, the newest illustrator for Terry Pratchett. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of Piper, who likes to think she's this tough!!!

She's actually more naughty than tough! I had to take this picture before removing her from the table, as she looks soooo cute :D

Cotton plays it safe and only sneaks onto a chair, until we're not looking that is :D

So that was my Christmas Day, and I hope you all had as much fun and love in your homes as we did here. May the New Year bring Bright Blessings to your homes and hearts.x


Tammie said...

lovely to see your festive arrangements and your new kitchen that feels good to you and looks wonderful to me too.

wishing you health and vitality
and a new year that overflows with days that feel wonderful to you!

Bovey Belle said...

Your "new" kitchen looks lovely and the blinds. You kept busy despite being poorly too.

Enjoy your Christmas reading. Never touched a Terry Pratchett though I know Tam enjoyed them. Too busy reading my own book mountain!

We have naughty cats too!!!

Dartford Warbler said...

Your kitchen looks so warm and homely. Lovely.

I hope you soon feel better Yarrow.

All the best to you and your family for 2012.

Callies Cottage said...

Oh the pictures of the cats are wonderful!!So full of character..
Your home looks lovely too of course..
Hoping that you are now fighting fit and sending you warmest wishes for a year ahead full of blessings,

laoi gaul~williams said...

your kitchen looks lovely...i keep hinting to swampy that i want to change the kitchen cupboards to something a bit more rustic...its too modern for me!

i hope you are feeling better!

Kim said...

Hi Yarrow! Thanks for the visit, I have been remiss in visiting my friends. In fact the last post I read was the book post, girl with glass feet. How did that turn out? Did it cheer up any? Anyway, Happy Christmas and Solstice, and a fabulous New Year, I hope. Your kitchen is lovely.... so warm and cozy looking. Curtains up? And the furries are as cute as ever.... Moomin too! My, she is a grown young lady now! Tempus Fugit!

Karen said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful.What a great job you did on the decorating and the blind. Wishing you a wonderful 2012 filled with magic. x

Yarrow said...

Thank you dear friends. I love your visits and look forward to a year full of blogging :D

Morning's Minion said...

I'm a bit late in getting around, but have to say that I like your kitchen re-do. The kitchen has always been the most important room in whatever house I've had. Some have been tiny and inconvenient, several were very large and super-fitted with cabinetry. The current one is smallish, but bright and tidy with pale yellow walls and natural maple cabinets which we installed.
I like the look of your red checked gingham--and cats always add to the decor.