Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This is the third week of almost unbroken rain and it's beginning to swamp us. We've had a couple of less wet days and I think the sun broke through briefly last week, but as weather goes, this is dire! The temporary roof is just about keeping the Studio dry, but I'll not be back out there for a while yet!

Rather than give in to it, we've been togging up in raincoats and hats and taking the dog to the woods. On Monday we were joined by my Sister and her two terriers.

Manchee is doing one of his sliding turns here and little Widget just cannot catch him.

A quick stop for a treat and instructions, 'go get the ball'! Ruby, the little black Patterdale was just too quick for the boys and they barely even saw the ball!

Too late, she's already gone while the boys are still thinking about it!

The Yew grove was showing the strains of the weather with branches and whole trees brought down by torrential rain, wind and snow.

One of the fallen trees made a nice resting spot and next time we come we'll bring a flask and some sandwiches and stay longer.

My Sister and Moomin.

Meanwhile today, I have housework to tackle, Manchee's picture to finish, another painting that's pulling at my brain and some dolls to bring to life. Hmmm..... How much of that will I achieve do you think???

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I've just been having a little play with pictures this week and here is a first attempt at Manchee. I'm not totally happy with it, so there may be some more tweaking needed. The background is dull and needs some warmth added to it and I'm not sure about the expression. I'm pleased with his ear though :D

Thursday, 17 February 2011

On Whisper soft wings.

This is the finished fantasy style portrait that I was commissioned to produce some months ago.

I think I said before, that I was given complete freedom to produce whatever came to mind, and here is the beautiful Whisper, galloping into a new day, accompanied by her faithful Spirit Guide, the barn owl.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Busy week and it's only Wednesday!

The high winds this week did indeed bring down a tree, but thankfully it was one of our neighbours and not the dreaded eucalyptus which would have flattened all of our fences and set Merlin free to rampage through the village (again!).

Manchee is still growing and there are times when I'm stunned by how gorgeous he is. It's hard to remember that he's still just a pup, when his legs are so long and he can outrun most dogs at the park!

I've taken a break from painting this week and have instead been tackling the unfinished jobs around the house. The bedroom is finished, but now the bathrooms look shabby, so they've been added to the list!
I've needed some furniture to replace certain pieces, but going furniture shopping has been grim to say the least. The wood is flimsy pap and the prices are ridiculous. I was overjoyed then to find this little oak nightstand at my favourite junk shop for just £20.00. The reason for the price was obvious once I'd picked, peeled and scraped off the nasty vinyl top. It was riddled with woodworm! It's now been treated with some pretty harsh chemicals and is sitting in the garage waiting to be stripped and sanded.

This footstool isn't so pretty but at least the wood is sound. The lino top is stuck on with some amazing glue that's almost defeated me. I'm going to take the heat gun to it later!!! However, it's the perfect shape and size for dear little Arnie cat to get up to his food bowl, away from ravening dog jaws!!! Arnie has arthritis in his front legs and can't jump too well, so I'm hoping he'll be happy with this solution :D

Friday, 4 February 2011


So badly have I fallen under the spell once again of Amazon. Before I knew it, I had five books in my basket and was clicking 'BUY'. I am such a naughty girl as I still have plenty in the wobbly book tower beside my bed to read. Soon the tower will be above mattress height again, haha! I admit that they were mostly second hand, as I do love old books, and one was a gift for my Mother, but I may have to read it when she's finished :D

Very soon too, I will have to share pictures of the decorated bedroom, but I'm so slow at getting it finished as work and children take priority. However, last night we had a terrific storm that buffeted the house, and our dreams were fitful and hectic. The garden has been wrecked and I must sort that out before the damage can be made worse by more high winds. The studio is still standing, but alas the greenhouse tent thingy has taken off! I dread to think what will be waiting at the field, so long as the ponies haven't blown away, I'll be happy :D

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


The last of my small paintings for this week are finished.

This one could be an 'anything' card, for Spring or for Valentines day and I had great fun painting this little guy.

This bashful little fairy is holding a rose and it could be for a Valentine or maybe it's just for herself :D

These will be available along with the other two as either cards or small prints and will be in the Etsy shop later today.

I've had a lovely time painting these little fairies and can see quite a few more on their way soon. However, I did also find some delicious fabric today, so there could be a flurry of dolls soon to be making an appearance :D

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Valentine and award part 2.

So, here at last are the two finished valentine cards.

Little elfy guy with his rose

and the finished Ampitheres.

Two more cards are on the way in the next day or so.

So now on to the award from Rossichka.

Here are the rules:

- Thank and link back to the person that awarded you;
- Share seven things about yourself;
- Pay it forward to fifteen recently discovered bloggers;
- Contact those bloggers about the award!

First I must share seven things about myself, that you don't know ...

1. I once lived in a caravan in a field with my horse.
2. I can eat a whole large bag of peanut M&M's in one sitting!
3. I love singing very loudly along with Barbara Streisand.
4. I'm terrified of ants.
5. My favourite colour is brown.
6. My favourite movie is Star Wars.
7. I love second hand books.

Now I can only nominate one blogger a week, as to sit and do all in one go is out of the question at the moment. Besides, it could be fun checking out new blogs each week.

So this weeks blog of note is fellow fairy lover and maker of amazing shoes Ren of Fairysteps.