Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Not quite a Vardo!

As I said before, Oakmoon would be hitting the road sometime this year! It's become quite an obsession of mine since deciding I had to have a Vardo last year. Sadly, practicality has insisted that a Vardo isn't an option (for now!) So I began looking at motorised alternatives. Quite a few vans have been scrutinised and discarded for many reasons. Too expensive, too much work, too far to travel! Suddenly, this little dear popped onto my screen. A scant few miles from my house, a very reasonable price and not too much structural work needed. Saying that, however, she's not exactly beautiful, but to my eyes she's everything :D (If a little over large in our driveway!!!)

In time, I hope to make her beautiful inside and out, but for now, we all keep looking out the window at her and marvelling :D

Last weekend saw the Oakmoon gazeebo arrive at another Green Fair. It was very different to the last one and I at least broke even. Strangely I sold more of my tie dye baby clothes than anything else! My friend J (pictured below) did very well with her delightful owls and heart mobiles, so in all I'd consider it a success. The tie dye garments will soon be appearing in my Etsy shop under the title of 'Every Day Fae'. The name came from the idea that we could all do with a little magic in our lives and dressing to please ourselves and others is a good way to do this.

Every Day Fae Baby Grows :D

And little skirts for girls or women.

and little fae pets, worn out by my hectic weekend. Well, they do supply the inspiration :D

Edited to add:

My dear (big, old) van is now relishing a lack of filth and would surely have cost so much more if her owner had spent a whole day simply scrubbing. Tomorrow I'll treat her to a half tank of petrol and go for a little drive :D The fabric has been purchased and will be installed soon. The curtains have been boiled and some have even fallen prey to the tie dye vat :D She will at least be interesting to look at :D

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

When kitties take over!

Kitties sleeping in the dog's 'place'. It's not his bed, but the place he goes to when we go out, and the place he sits when visitors knock on the door and understandably don't want to be jumped on. He likes his 'place', he gets biscuits when he sits here nicely.

He doesn't like to see it used for fighting and

was most put out when he came home from his walk to find it usurped! You can just see Piper's tail between his front legs!

Despite Piper's 'help' I've almost finished the latest painting. Just some tweaking to do now. The idea for this painting came from a friend's plea for help to raise funds for her sick horse and the pose of woman and horse is based on a picture of my friend. This was such an enjoyable painting, but I think mainly because it came from my heart. I tried to paint something along the same lines today and it simply wouldn't work. It goes to show that you need to be passionate about the pictures for them to go well!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

This week.

Work this week has been hampered by life 'happening'. The Moomin had her cast removed, so that was almost an entire day at the Hospital, the washing basket seemed to have had a spell of perpetual fullness cast on it and our giant fridge freezer blew out all our electrics. Gradually items have been ticked off and a form of normality has resumed, although we're still wading through a tonne of food that defrosted and had to be cooked up!

A glorious day invited me to walk along my favourite paths through woodland and over the downs. This is the same spot from the last post, but look at that sky :D It was filled with the screeing of buzzards, and wind tumbled clouds.

Cows had moved into the field beside our path and came extremely close to us, they were a little menacing and I only took this one picture before beating a retreat. A farmer in my village was killed last year by one of his bulls, so I was pretty wary of this bunch of lads.

Back home and the dog indulged in his favourite pastime :D

While Piper helped me with my work. I just adore her soft grey face, she's so expressive :D

And my latest piece. I'm taking a while to work on the background as I haven't totally decided how I want it.