Saturday, 30 July 2011

On our walk.

We saw the sun (briefly)!

Chased lots of dogs and then collapsed in the mud!

And stayed there for a looong time!

Obviously, when I say we I actually mean Manchee :D

The day was cancelled!

Yesterday was pretty much cancelled and now I'm left playing catch up! A killer migraine sent me to a darkened room where I'm afraid I wasn't too gracious about it, haha!

My dear Mother brought me a big bag of salads from the market and so today I will once again tackle the courgette mountain and fill the freezer with yummies for the winter ahead. There will be a huge pan of roasted veg and a cauldron of rattatouille :D

The van will be tackled later, but I need to take it all slowly as my eye is still blurry and I don't want the migraine back!!!

Thank you for visiting and leaving lovely comments, I'm constantly amazed by the blogging community and the kind people I 'meet' :D

Right the greenhouse is calling and I should probably take some photos of the jungle in there :D

Friday, 29 July 2011

Nearly August :D

While I can't believe how quickly the months of this year have galloped by, I have to admit that I'm delighted to find myself at August's door :D
It's been a difficult year with many obstacles to overcome and a new way of life to adapt to but I think we're winning. The thought of our holidays, now upon us, fills me with such happiness as the children sit down with me and the map and plan our routes. One journey will take us to Devon and Cornwall, where we can hopefully visit a few friends and if that works out ok, then the other will be up country to Wales. We need to test the van first, so a little trip along the coast to Weymouth will be the first adventure. Today will be spent fitting the benches and the discovery that the local DIY shop cuts the wood to size should ensure a far better outcome than if I tried to cut it myself, haha!

I've begun harvesting the beetroots and a delight they are too. I'm the only household member that likes them, so I've not grown many, but they are heavenly roasted.

The kitties are growing in size and nature and have become so adventurous that I'm going to have them microchipped before we go away as they are prone to sneak off outside! The garden has been until now escape proof, but Cotton got into a neighbours garden last night and gave us all heart failure, so security needs to be tightened!

My druid portrait is now finished and I'm pleased to say that it has been well recieved. It's always a bit nerve wracking painting portraits, but I'm very pleased with this one :D

Right, time to hit the shops and buy more goodies for the van. There may be pictures later, depending on success :D

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I go to bed with a head full of images, a heart full of dreams and days full of possibilities.

I have a lot to be working on and I can't wait to get started :D

Monday, 25 July 2011

Art in Action.

After wanting to go for many years, Moomin and I managed to grab a couple of tickets on a coach trip to Waterperry Park for the Art in Action experience. So many things looked set to stop us going yet again, the worst of which was Moomin having another accident and ending up in Casualty for 4 1/2 hours the night before!!! Thankfully her foot was not broken, but my nerves were seriously damaged by the time we left! We got to bed at 1am and had to be up at 6.30am and we didn't even sleep on the coach which is incredible for me as I often doze off on long journeys!!!

The large sculptures were incredible and I wish I'd taken more pictures now.

This little guy was my favourite. I think it's his expression :D

A dodo taller than Moomin.

A regal hound.

This lady was so elegent and the international tent had a very peaceful atmosphere despite the crowds.

Glass blowing, very entertaining.

A new favourite sculptor, Elaine Peto,

I loved this ladies work and her pieces have a fabulous energy.

After a disappointing and bland lunch!!! we needed to get away from the crowds and the formal gardens led into a wild walk by the river. Perfect.

Back to the drawing and sketching tent to meet this lovely lady Gemma Appleby.

Her charcoal pictures looked like photographs and were so restful to look at.

Then, what did we spy but a very well known and unique dragon wrapped van. I know who that belongs to :D

The first time we met Jackie Morris, I'm afraid I was too awestruck to string a proper sentence together! I have quite a collection of her children's books and so do my children and their friends haha!

By the end of the day though, I'd talked to so many well known and respected people, including Cliff Wright who illustrated a couple of Harry Potter books, that I was getting over my nerves and actually had a lovely chat with Jackie and Catherine Hyde. I've admired Catherine's work for some years since Jackie mentioned her on her blog and it was a perfect end to a truly wonderful day :D

I'm full to the brim with inspiration but first have to clear up my very messy studio :D

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tiny hoofbeats.

Here he is :D Little Padraig with his Mama Nonie :D I'm so proud of Nonie and Merlin for producing such a little bundle of gorgeousness :D Nonie is a fabulous mare and is so watchful over her baby.

He's very open and curious and is already loving attention, which is a typical Eriskay trait.

His coat is so soft and wavy and glowing with health.

A little smile for the camera and aching cheeks from me as I don't think I stopped grinning the whole time I was there. A very proud moment for me.

Paintings on their way, but first I have to go and spoil the Merlin as he deserves it :D

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Great good news :D

I'm very happy to share with you all that my darling little stallion, Merlin, has produced a very healthy little colt from Nonie, the mare that visited us last year. I'm going to visit the colt in the next few days, so you can expect lots of photos and a few paintings too. I can't wait and I'm so proud of my boy :D

Last year the Southern Eriskay show, where we won a couple of rossettes :D

Just last month chasing the dog through the orchard, haha!

Friday, 15 July 2011

A walk and a surprise.

We went to the chalk pit this week. It's so cool and restful on a hot sunny morning.

A mysterious stairway leads us onto a different path.

And a surprise waited on silent haunches. A rabbit carved from a living stump.

Manchee found something so fascinating and I moved closer to find....

little animals carved from living wood - a chipmunk

and a mouse :D

Further along our walk we found this gorgeous fox pulled directly from the stump of a felled tree. Manchee was not happy at all, as you can see from his low and wary posture. He barked at the poor fox and even ran at it in an aggressive way. Was he protecting me or himself? He has protected me from strangers, so I'll let you decide :D

Up close, it was a very beautiful sculpture and I loved it :D

Our walk was a treasure and all the more delightful because of the surprises along the way :D

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Two in one!

These should be two separate blog posts, but I can't wait to share either, so here they are, two in one :D

Firstly, and for this delight I must thank my dear Ren at Fairysteps, the latest edition of Mollie Makes. A relatively new crafting and thrifting, vintage magazine. It's full of wonderful articles and ideas for things to make, especially a few beautiful tips for my most favourite craft, crochet :D

There are even free gifts to make :D

CUPCAKES! We all need a little frilly cupcake in our lives :D

And of course, to my delight, a most delicious caravan. Maybe I could decorate my dear old heap in this gorgeous style, you'd see me for miles off, that's for sure!

And now to the second part of this post, the finished pieces. Finally, my painting of Epona is complete. I've tidied the sky and given Epona's hands a makeover. You may or may not notice the difference, but I'm happier now and so the print will soon be available in the Etsy store.

And I've been playing with oil's. I started this picture about 3 years ago and got the idea from a library book tutorial. I wasn't very confident and so the painting sat moulding in the Studio until today. I repainted much of it and painted over the grimy bits, reshaping and playing with the light. I have to say that I love it. I love the colours and the rich, creamy texture of the oil.

It's not perfect and the bowl is a little off-center, but it doesn't matter because I've discovered a new love and that's for oil painting :D Moomin has claimed this for her room and when it's dry, that's where it will hang :D

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Lake.

I took the dog to the Lake for inspiration.

Cerulean skies and cobalt waters.

At the back of the Lake is the Heath. The energy here is so strong, there's even an ancient burial mound in the middle of a busy town!

Stately houses, the prices of which would have your head spinning, well, mine anyway!

And cool wooded walks along the shore.

So much inspiration here, but I'm not sure yet how I'll use it.

The Heath has been home to the Taro Fair for the last 700 hundred years. In the mornings the Gypsies ran their horses for auction and local artist Flora Twort painted the fair and it's colourful attendants. In view of some rather fun news about my ancestors, I feel the need to explore some Gypsy paintings :D

Monday, 4 July 2011

The fun of the fair!

There was a very calm and peaceful energy at the fair and the Moomin and I met some very lovely people and some of them found my tie dye baby grows irresistable :D On the first day we took the dog with us, but he just found the whole thing too exhausting, so was sadly left at home on Sunday. Only for a few hours though as my son was with him and then joined me at the fair to hear his school friends performing on the stage. They did a sterling job and a huge well done to them :D

There were a lot of displays on the main field, but my favourite had to be the Belly dancers, they were just stunning. This was the best picture and I'm afraid the poor girl is lost in front of the children's ride, but if you click on the picture you'll see her better.

Moomin found plenty to hold her attention and bought a few pretties, including a sweet little bracelet for me and I bought a very nice CD by a travelling harper, how magical that sounds :D

After a late supper, I took a glass of beer and sat in my van to read. It was cool and peaceful out there :D

Now the real world needs attending to in the shape of neglected household duties and some new paintings :D

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Working weekend.

If I think my normal week is a busy time, then that's nothing compared to the weekends that I have a fair to attend. This one is for a charity called Wildfire - Kids Alchemy and is aimed at raising money for underprivileged children so that they can learn to balance their lives and emotions through creative activities. It's a two day event and I'm going to be exhausted by the end of it. So many household chores will be neglected and the children will be hopping between helping me and animal sitting!
Sadly the van is nowhere near ready and a quick patch up for the weekend wasn't an option as everything still smells strongly of an artificial air freshener. Those horrid things make me feel so sick and despite several washings the curtains still smell of over ripe fruit! The cushions were going to be stripped, but they are horrid underneath, so it's all going to the dump. This is offset against the cushions that I saved from my old sofas as wherever possible I love to recycle and I knew my cushions would come in handy one day :D

The kitchen area, very basic and crying out for attention.

Right seating area,

left seating area and power hook up cable. I'm not sure how much use I'll get from that, but will have to see.

Time to load up the car and get my Festival head on. Have a lovely weekend friends :D