Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Autumn spruce up!

I'm having a little change around here at the Studio and at the blog, so this page may change colour many times today. I hope it doesn't give you a headach :D

EDIT: Is it too dark, what do you think???

Monday, 19 September 2011

Drawing in.

With the evenings drawing in, I've been in the kitchen preparing the fruit and veg, making sauces and preserves so that the taste of Summer can light up even the darkest of Winter days.

Our tomato harvest has been modest but such an improvement on previous years. I cannot begin to describe the taste of these little gems. They're packed with memories of how real tomatoes tasted before year round supermarket pap!

During a much needed break from Rattatouille and Ragu sauces, I escaped again to the woods, to smell the damp leaf filled air and go in seach of mushrooms and fairy rings.
The tall silent pines guard the forest's most sacred tree,

The Grandmother Yew. I've taken many pictures of this wonderful and ancient tree, and each time her aspect is different.

Manchee played with the Woodelf's little terrier, Dipstick, or to be more accurate, he ran around a lot and she looked on - with disdain!!!

It's not all been about playing in the woods and kitchen, I've managed to get a lot of work done in my sketch books and this latest painting is a reflection of my mood at the moment. Slightly whimsical with my head in the trees :D

Time now to return to the kitchen and give my attention to several large bags of apples and some wonderful damsons that I found on a tree in our field. Who knew we had such treasure hiding behind the veg patch? It just goes to show that there can be treasure in unlikely places :D

Friday, 2 September 2011


As the wheel turns slowly away from Summer, I find myself standing at the doorway to Autumn's lavish banquet. All are welcome, just bring bags, buckets and ice cream tubs! I've been picking, getting scratched and stung, with berry red fingers and nettle red legs!

Our tree has been so drenched with apples that the branches rest their heavy heads on the grass.

While just a simple morning's work fills the boot of the car with sloes, blackberries and elderberries.

I've been absent from the Studio for a few days, but first managed to start a painting of some fairy shoes. Fairies need new styles for the Autumn too and this is an idea I can just run and run with if you pardon the pun, haha!

The colours are berry inspired and there will soon be a falling leaves range. I so adore Autumn :D