Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Is it a shop?

No it's my wool cupboard stuffed to the gunnels with yummy wool :D

The bottom row is pretty much all the colours I'm using for my winter bedspread, so I'll be needing all of that and more! Sadly the flash makes them look a little washed out, but you get the idea :D

It was such a wild evening last night as huge storm clouds rolled over the field while I tucked the ponies and chickens up in a warm bed.

If you click on this picture you can just see Toffee (on the left)going in to his bed :D

I was glad to get home to a warm kitchen where the last of my tomatoes were roasting down for the freezer. Unlike the beetroots (which were scoffed straight from the tray) these are now packaged up and frozen for pasta sauces and a taste of summer in the cold months ahead.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Holy Mo!!!

I've spent the whole day, from a horribly early hour, looking after a very poorly dog. It would seem that the poor mite has picked up Kennel Cough, despite being vaccinated against the common strain.

I was planning to spend the day preserving my apple mountain and had picked various herbs and accompanying fruits to make all manner of delights. Instead, I've been chasing around with a mop while poor doggy coughs up yukky stuff.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a quiet time when I can cook up lovely things in the kitchen!

Also, my studio is missing me!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Filled to the brim.

This week couldn't have been more full if I'd filled in the gaps with grains of sand! Trying to solve Storm's problems left me tired and frustrated and then suddenly the decision was taken from me when I asked his current owner for help. I don't know what his future will be, but I know it's not going to be with me. I cannot express my sadness, but that's all I can really say about the matter.

(If you look closely at his back leg closet to me, you can see the swelling, which is a suspected Bog Spavin)

I was also very unwell this week with a tummy bug that just would not quit and go away.
The darling Moomin cooked supper for herself and her brother, when I was at my worst and could not face the kitchen. It was pasta pomodoro and was a huge success :D

I also started my volunteering this week, despite still being a bit wobbly. What a wonderful place to be working. I had to weed and tidy the Wode and herb beds beside one of the round houses. I came home with a head full of ideas and an arm full of woad seeds. Once they're sorted I'll be offering them to people who'd like them for dyeing wool and I'll grow some for my own projects next year.

This lovely cupboard finally got put to good use when I realised that my wool stash was escaping from various containers. It was just too tempting for the kittens and dog and I needed a safer place to store it. I bought the cupboard in the summer and always meant to strip off the old varnish, but that will have to wait! Since I have more room now, I had to pay a visit to my lovely wool shop and the shelves are now crammed with gorgeousness!

The Autumn coloured blanket for my bed is growing nicely, but after a visit to a wonderful blog I've just found, Attic 24, I decided to take a break from browns and reds and go for something a little brighter!

This is just a small corner of it, as it's going to be a mystery item!!! I love the colour combinations :D

Moomin was so inspired by my crochet, that she's begun work on a project of her own. It's already twice the size of this picture and her choice of colours are vibrant and so reflective of her personality. She's never picked up a hook before and I couldn't be more proud of her work :D

The paintings have taken a back seat this week, but ideas are slowly returning and hopefully I'll be back in full swing next week.

Take care all, and thank you for all your lovely and encouraging comments.x

Saturday, 8 October 2011


The story of this young colt is very complicated, so I won't bore you with too many details.
He is very lovely and came into my life on Monday.

Moomin is besotted with him and it would appear that I am too. However, he has health issues and it's quite possible that he'll always be lame or unable to carry a rider.

He has an appointment for an x-ray next week and that's when I know what I'm facing and tough choices will be made, considering that I have barely two copper pennies to rub together! Few people would take on what's essentially a 3 legged horse, but his future would be so grim and likely to be short without intervention.

Fingers crossed for us please :D

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Of Quiet and Unicorns.

(a tiny preview)

Words lately have been in short measure as a difficult anniversary approaches and a drawing in of energy reflects in the Season.

We've been without a TV for a short while and our evenings have instead been filled with talking, games and crochet.

The fur babies take to the sofa

while I fill the room with candlelight.

Suddenly Autumn halted and Summer gave a brief and extravagant display while in the woods with very dear friends the cool shadows hid treasures among deep leaf litter.

A sudden surprise in the New Forest. Pigs!!! The pigs are let out onto the Forest to eat the acorns which are poisonous to the ponies, who will eat them if there's nothing else to graze on. See the colt in the back ground? I'd be very tempted by him!!!

I do love piggly wigglies :D

A few days later, while the sun still shone as though it was August, the Moomin and I went with a dear friend to the Glastonbury Witches Market. It was such an amazing day and we managed to buy a few very special items. I found such a lovely bronze pendant in the shape of a horse's head and Moomin spent her hard earned pocket money.

We had our lunch in the Chalice Wells garden.

(Moomin and A enjoying the sun)

The pool was so cool on a stiffling day.

I never tire of this view.

My thoughts were so still and as empty as the pool.

I took a moment to myself to give thanks for the wonderful things in my life and to remember my dear horse Oliver.

I tied a ribbon on this tree in his memory. Always in my heart.x

The Otters is now finished and I'm very happy with it. It's waiting for a frame and is currently sitting on the mantlepiece. There will be some very good quality prints going in my Etsy shop today.