Sunday, 15 January 2012

Flying through!

A late evening walk in the woods produced some stunning photos and a rare glimpse of a Dragon following me!

We've walked a lot this week and Manchee has met many friends, new and old.

This little guy used to play with Manchee when he was a puppy and is the same breed as Manchee's father, a Bedlington Terrier.

We had some magical walks in misty woods filled with secrets and inspiration.

Now I'm working on more lists and prioritising the order of sketches and paintings. There is much to do. The Etsy sale will begin this week, so look out for price changes and I'll put a notice up here when it's all ready.


Country Rabbit said...

magical, enchanted woodlands ;0)
it really goes with the music that sounds on your blog x peaceful x

Ren said...

It is a dragon!!!!!
Wishing you energy and focus for your lists xx

Captain Shagrat said...

Lovely misty moment with your hairy dog bud....

Tammie said...

such wonderful photos
have i told you that i love your blog header? magical!

wishing you a wonderful sale!

renilde said...

those trees, that misty distance,so very beautiful, and a dragon, yes i believe you are right ;) x

Yarrow said...

Thank you dear ones for visiting and commenting. The week has started already in the Studio :D