Friday, 17 February 2012

Magical walks.

Warning,there are lots of pictures in this post!!!
I can't believe that just last week we still had ice and snow!

I had such a beautiful walk with Manchee. These woods are normally very peaceful, but the snow hushed day made me want to creep along as if keeping a secret.

This is a private woodland filled with lots of uppy-downey paths that suddenly vanish into the undergrowth.

Manchee loves to just go off and explore alone

leaving me to amble along with my camera. This view is of the South Downs which stretch in both directions from where I live.

I love the gnarly roots of this tree and know it will find it's way into a painting soon.

Somehow I ended up in a deep gulley and had to climb and scramble up the side to find a better path.

Manchee found me at this point, and I could see his ears bobbing along the top ridge as he hopped about looking for me :D

A few days later, I walked with the Woodelf in her woods and managed to get a very rare photo of her. Being of the Fae people, she is very funny about cameras and modern contraptions, shying away from them often. But here she is, in case you thought she wasn't real, with her two little fae dogs :D (and my daft one in the distance!)

This week, I took the Moomin to our Rookery woods as I knew the river would be full and I desperately wanted pictures of it before it dried out again. It's a very impermanent river often vanishing under piles of leaves to re-emerge further along the course way.

Much deeper into the woods, the river suddenly emerged at the Fairy Mound, which was just what we'd been hoping for.

Manchee was reluctant to get wet, even for a stick, which with hindsight was a good thing, as the pool was a bit stagnant and smelly!

Moomin took time out to read a book while I did some exploring and

Manchee clowned around :D


Tammie Lee said...

looks like you had a wonderful time out and about in the snow and the woods.

Julia Kelly said...

Such gnarly trees-and good hiding places for creatures!

Kim said...

Beautiful photographs - it's a good time of year for capturing the magical stillness of woodland. It is half term here this week and we're hoping that the weather will be kind enough to let us get out for a walk.

rossichka said...

You are lucky to live among nature - I wish I could go out for such a walk, too...:) Thank you that you took us with you and shared with us the still snowy paths and silent trees !x

Yarrow said...

You're welcome Rossichka :D

We had half term too Kim, it was wonderful. Hope you had fun.x

~Willow~ said...

magical x

Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely walk - I loved that last photo of Manchee, bless him! Places always look more magical with a dusting of snow.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Kimberley - this post was MAGICAL!