Tuesday, 28 February 2012

When I should be working.

The days begin with an often inspiring walk with the dog. The Lake has become one of our favourite places to visit and at times the air is still and silent except for the various bird calls drifting across the water.

These willows are just so fascinating and I hope to include them in a painting one day soon.

Meanwhile, back at the field, the chickens have been left to range freely with the ponies, in the hope that Merlin will chase off any foxes (or next door's dog!!!). So far, so good and Toffee seems quite happy to watch over them too!

Although, frequent raids on the hay shed have had suprising discoveries while making up the hay nets, thankfully just the occassional egg and nothing more yukky, yet!

I took Merlin for a long walk in the sunshine (that was when I was supposed to be working) and we had such a good time together that he didn't want to leave my side. So I snapped a couple of photos. Can you see where my inspiration for all the faeries and unicorns come from? This could turn into another painting!!!

Right, three paintings are waiting in my head and I'm itching to get some sculpting done too. Have a lovely week, dear bloggers :D

PS. The Etsy shop has been updated and you can find it here, or in the sidebar.


Julia Kelly said...

Great inspiring and sunny pictures-winter has finally come to Colorado and we are covered in white now!

Yarrow said...

Wow, we're starting to get Spring weather here now!!!

Dartford Warbler said...

Lovely photos Yarrow. Those willows are just asking to be painted.

Bovey Belle said...

Amazing tree stumps. You have some lovely places to walk too. I loved the last photo - Merlin is looking suspiciously mellow . . .

Tammie Lee said...

lovely to have a peak into your world... love the fungi on the tree stumps and the photo of you and merlin is quite dear.

rossichka said...

I love the last picture! And I envy you for knowing these wonderful animals - horses! I know they need a lot of cares, but it's worth the efforts, isn't it? In my "urban" way of living this is something impossible, though, I had once the rare chance to "take a ride" on a horse's back, but not alone, of course!:)
I'm waiting with interest to see your paintings when ready!
Have a lovely week, Kimberley!xx