Sunday, 5 February 2012

Windling Trees.

We have snow! Not a lot, but enough to give the world that delicate glamour, the sheen that hides the imperfections beneath. I slept badly last night and went to the window to see how much snow had fallen. It was deep and soft, a fluffy duvet over the garden, but later I heard rain and when I looked again, the snow was shrinking. It's still beautiful and hushed in the garden, but little chance of being snowed in tomorrow which is what my household secretly longs for, an extension of the weekend!!!

I've been working so hard this week on a new set of paintings, and I wish I could share some pictures with you, but the latest one is at that scruffy, not quite done stage. Hopefully I'll get some time today, but Sundays are my cleaning and baking days. My time to prepare the house and fill the larder with food for the week so that I can focus on my painting in between dog walking and pony feeding :D And today, I have to at least set aside a little time to play in the snow :D

I'm sharing this post that was shared by Terri Windling and I'd love you to have a look at this woman's beautiful blog.

It's a great idea and as I'm in the middle of redecorating the entire house, I can see some Windling Trees popping up all over :D


Kim said...

Hey! Glad you found me, it's been too too long:) We've had lots of snow overnight, the chickens are refusing point blank to leave the run. Lovely to see your beautiful work again too. Will have a look at Terri Windling's blog, I wish she'd write another book. I bought 'The Wood Wife' years ago and still re-read it now, it's such a lovely story.

Willow said...

looking forward to seeing your new stuff. your work is lovely. we too have snow... all is white and beautiful on a sunday but will be horrid for those having to go out to work. please don't be long showing us your new painting :-) with blessings, Willow x

Yarrow said...

Helloooo Willow and Kim, lovely to see you both here and yes, it's been waaay too long :D

rossichka said...

What a nice description of the snow fairytale around!... Hope it won't get too cold, so that you could feel comfortably and nothing would disturb your inspiration.:)
I follow Terri Windling's blog. I've seen this post - thanks for reminding me! If you paint a tree, I'm sure it will be like a "real" one and that it will change the atmosphere in the room/the house...
I just want to tell you also how much I like your sketch of Moomin and Manchee! It has a special, intimate, warm mood...xx