Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fairies and all things Fae.

To make up for lack of posts, this one will be extra long, haha!

I've finished painting some of my lovely wood slices and they have been so worth the extra effort to sand the wood to a silky surface. I cut the slices by hand and they can be pretty ragged when I'm done, so my trusty little sander has been hard at work smoothing out the rough bits.

This is a wall hanging and will sit snuggly on a small nail or hook. I may add a few beads or dangly bits to the bottom.

These are little totem pendants and they measure roughly an inch across the diameter. I didn't want to make them any bigger as I wanted to keep them delicate.

The Oak tree pendant was my first and I painted the reverse side

with a Triskell.

The others are plain on the back as I prefer it that way. I love the Stag and hope I can reproduce this image again.

Little owl, and soon some crows :D I can paint other totems by request and these will be in the shop soon.

Saturday Moomin and I went to Glastonbury for the Faery Fair and we met this lovely lady, Julie Carter. She was so sweet and makes adorable little Fae folk. Sadly the picture isn't clear enough to see them well.

The armour was made by Terry English, who has made costumes for so many films, among them Sucker Punch (Moomin's favourite!!!), Batman, Excalibur etc... the list goes on and on.

I adore this piece and would love to paint a night in armour, hmmm..... maybe I will :D

Back at home I went to visit Merlin's baby boy, Padraig. If I say I'm in love, you have to keep it to yourselves as Merlin would be so very, very jealous!

Merlin of course is my best boy,and although this isn't a great photo, if you look at how he's standing

You can see that Padraig is a chip off the old block.
Just as mischevious too :D I've had quite a time playing with him <3


Ren said...

What a little heart stealer he is! Both of them x

Dragonfly Dreams said...

I love your painted wood slices! When will you have them available to purchase? I especially love the stag.
A Faery Fair! How delightful!

Yarrow said...

Thank you Ren, love them both.x

Shop updated now Julie.x

rossichka said...
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rossichka said...

Fairy Fair? Oh, how interesting! Do they sell books with tales about fairies?
Merlin's son is so sweet! I will keep your secret...:)

Tammie Lee said...

lovely to have a glimpse into your world!
each wee painting is enchanting and wonderful~

Yarrow said...

Yes Ren, they sell all things to do with fairies, even little fairies and wings and things :D

Thank you Tammie :D

Julie, ignore my comment, wrong blogger, doh!!!

Bovey Belle said...

Padraig certainly looks like his dad. What a sweetie he is. Has he had much handling? Or is that your next job?

The Fairy Fair looked like fun.

Yarrow said...

That's my next job, haha!

Sorry Ren and Rossichka, I'm not doing a good job of bloggers names at the moment. More sleep is needed!!!