Monday, 7 May 2012

Back to normal!!!

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on my last post.  I have been resting, but as some of you guessed, I have indeed taken on yet another idea, haha.  I've been studying a herbalism course and have plans to implement my new knowledge with a full herb garden.  Now I just need the weather to oblige!

Also, I've been rather distracted by the imminent arrival of Cotton's first litter.  I was so worried about her as she looked too big to give birth without assistance.  I needn't have worried as she climbed into my wardrobe, unnoticed and quietly got on with it!  The first I knew was when Manchee tried to break down the door!!!  I heard noises from inside and thought it might me a mouse.  Nope!!!
I couldn't be happier that one is ginger :D
The grey dappled one is gorgeous and the black and white has the sweetest face :D
I have been trying to get some work done in the Studio.  I've changed the layout from the original sketch, but prefer the sketched girl to the one in the painting!
She looks older and less cheery! I hope I can remedy that!
The background is shaping up though, and I'm happier with it than I was.


rossichka said...

I'm reading and thinking that life is full of so many challenges, joys and suprises! This course in herbalism sounds very intriguing, I hope you'll share soon what you've learned !:) Cotton is lovely and her babies - too! Are going to keep some of them?
The painting keeps a mystery! I noticed you changed the background. Is this Moomin on the sketch?
Have a lovely and sunny May, Kimberley!:)))

Yarrow said...

Hello Rossichka, I'm sorry I've not left any comments lately, but I haven't been able to work out your system! I still read your blog though.

The herbs will feature here, I think, or maybe another blog!!!

For once, the girl isn't Moomin, just a random face I made up, she reminds me of an actress, but that was coincidental!

Yes, keeping the ginger kitten and maybe one other!!!

Callies Cottage said...

What beautiful babies!And Cotton is gorgeous too...I have some great books on Herbalism and have been growing them and using them- most recently I found a peruvian herb for my recent painful visit from kidney stones!Fingers crossed but I think the herb is working..
Warm Wishes,
Callie x

Captain Shagrat said...

Right up my street, I just love herbs and looking into their medicinal qualities. By no means an expert of course but if I had my way I would designate my whole allotment to them. Look forward to some info once you get going

Captain Shagrat said...

Btw you can't have enough gingerness in your life;-) Lovely little kits, what a special moment. I'm more of a doggy person myself if I had the choice.... We have a cat but I can't tell you what he is called cause its pretty naughty. Suits his nasty side though;-)

Yarrow said...

Best of luck with that herb, Callie. I came across something for kidney stones yesterday, but I can't remember the name!

We have a grumpy old cat just like Vitor Meldrew, Captain, hehe! And I agree, ginger kitties are fab :D

Dragonfly Dreams said...

How adorable your new little clan is, Kimberley! I can well imagine how relived both you AND Cotton are that the wee bairns are here.

I do love that sketch as well - so much mystery in her pose, but I also love the painting. Isn't it fun to see how each creation changes just a little bit?

Note: Thanks for your comment on my blog. I do have more news and will be announcing it soon. And it might just have a wee part in it for you, if you are agreeable! Stay tuned!

Yarrow said...

Oooh DD, now I'm even more curious, my head may pop!!! Too late :D

Ren said...

Perfect Kimberley! x