Saturday, 21 July 2012

Back to the Studio.

Very soon I'll be back to creating in my new studio space. It's been a long and hard process, getting the house studio sorted so that I can then move the outside studio stuff inside to waterproof and insulate it. I have so many projects in my mind and so little time to fit it all in! The photos of the house studio haven't turned out well, but I'll keep trying as I'm so pleased with how my 'Windling' trees have turned out. If you want to check out the original post that inspired me click on this link

Now that the holidays are here, I'll have more time to focus on getting it sorted.


Bovey Belle said...

Oh WOW! Those are AMAZING. I can feel an artistic moment coming on! Can't wait to see your windling tree photos - I bet they look amazing!

Yarrow said...

Thanks BB, I'm still trying to get some good pictures!

rossichka said...

Dear Kimberley, hello after so long! I wasn't very active in the last couple of months, due to my busy life! But now... I'll have more time for blogging and I'll read all the posts that I've missed.
I believe you've prepared a big surpise for us all! I'm so eager to seeing your new realm! Good luck with the new studio:)