Saturday, 22 September 2012


The Halloween earrings are finished and now in my Etsy shop Here.
I'm please with how they turned out and had a very happy afternoon watching Harry Potter as I varnished and attached the fixings to them.  Then I had to fight off kittens and dog, who thought they were toys and finally had to give a pair of each to the Moomin so that she could 'model' them for me!  Those photos are to follow :D

Next, I'll be making matching pendants or necklaces as this has been so much fun and I have a hankering to make some shrunken heads, although Moomin says that's gross, haha!

There is a lot happening at the Studio these days and although my painting style is still pretty much the same, I've been playing with Manga designs and have a whole range of paintings/drawings in my head centered around the kittens.

Finn is now almost as big as his Mum and is only 5months old!  The others are growing too, but Banshee (peeping out from behind Gigi) is still teeny, bless her :D

The weather is going to be atrocious tomorrow (apparently) so much work will be done in the Studio and an afternoon watching Kiki's Delivery Service is on the cards.  This is such a beautiful film by the Studio Ghibli and features, of course, a magic black cat called Gigi  :D


Captain Shagrat said...

I love them... Going to order a pair once I get paid next week. Bit skint at the moment... One thing I would be interested in once I get in a better financial situation would be a commission from you of my dog Harry... Sadly he is no longer with us. I think your mystic fairy style is right up my street particularly like the red haired girl with the dragon. Something along this line would be good especially as I have the red hair;-)

Yarrow said...

Thank you Cap, I'd be honoured to do something for you :D

Tammie Lee said...

such cute halloween earrings!
I drew my first Manga characters last week, fun that we both thought to play with that.

Yarrow said...

I love Manga, it's such fun :D

rossichka said...

It sounds like you are having a quiet, harmonious time at home, among the ones you love!:)
The earrings are funny and I suppose the necklaces will have a success, too!
My son has three books about Manga. Some years ago he drew in that style quite a lot, even attended a manga festival in Sofia, our capital, but later this passion somehow faded... I have half a manga face on my desk, "saved" from an old notebook...:) It'll be interesting to see your drawings!

Bovey Belle said...

Sounds like we are sharing the same weather. I am about to snuggle up in front of the wood burner and play catchup with the programmes I've recorded and NEVER get time to watch!

Your Halloween earrings look such fun. The wheel has fallen off my creative mojo right now, but
Gabby has requested a scarf for Christmas (this is fast becoming a Christmas tradition with her), so I am thinking of starting to crochet one . . .

The kittens look lovely - Finn is such a beautiful boy : )

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Adorable earrings! I can't wait to see the matching pieces...I love Halloween and fall, so those are favorites at the moment :)

I just left you a comment on my page in reply to yours, now I'm thinking I should've left it here! Silly me, but I hope you can make it back briefly to read it.

Thanks for commenting, it means more than you may know ;)

Take care... and love your beautiful feline creatures xoxo