Saturday, 29 December 2012

Merry Christmas from the Studio.

Although, to be fair, not much time has been spent in the Studio for a couple of weeks!  There are more pictures of our Christmas on the Holistic blog  but I had to share this picture of my tree.  I love the red colours, so warm and comforting :D

I have a lot of projects awaiting my attention for the New Year, so I wish you all a happy holiday and prosperous New Year.x


Tammie Lee said...

trees can be so lovely to enjoy
yours is sweet as can be

lovely new year to you, may2013 overflow with days and nights that feel wonderful to you~

Yarrow said...

And to you dear Tammie.x

rossichka said...

A Wonderful New Year to you and your lovely children, too!
Lots of love, health, joy and success!
The colours of your Christmas tree are gorgeous!:)