Saturday, 28 January 2012


I'm feeling more drawn to fairies again at the moment and after seeing an impish child at the school run, I had to scribble her features into my sketchbook. I liked the effect so much that I turned it into a picture, which is why her head is going off the top of the page! I want to do more like this :D

Something that's dear to my heart is our beautiful planet and what we're doing to her. Starting with bees and ending with the view from my bedroom window (minus the road and other houses!!!)

The words read, Think. From the smallest flea, to the lofty tree, and in between the buzzy bee!
Take what message you want to from this!!!

Lastly a very rough sketch of the Moomin and Manchee, relaxing on the sofa and watching tv :D

I'm enjoying my pencils very much and feel like it's taking me along the road that I really should be travelling. I hope some paintings will come from it all.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Teeny, tiny pin cushions.

Don't be fooled by the pictures, these are tiny little pin cushions, about 2.5inches high and similar across.

The time and care that went into creating them isn't reflected in the price and so they are little treasures at a bargain price.

They're now for sale in the Etsy shop and the SALE has begun with postage costs slashed and a few items at revised prices.

Also for sale is this unique hot air balloon. It took a great deal of time to create and underwent several design changes along the way. It's not in the sale unfortunately, but instead is listed at a reasonable price for the work involved.

I've begun a new project for this year and it's based around my New Year Resolution to do a sketch or painting every day! Well, that's proving to be a toughie as this one alone took a couple of days as I fiddled around until I liked it!

This rough little sketch is on the next page and although I'm not entirely happy with it, the idea here is to journal my thoughts and show my art as it progresses through this year.

Today's sketch is based around 'Think' and will be very different to my usual scribblings :D

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Flying through!

A late evening walk in the woods produced some stunning photos and a rare glimpse of a Dragon following me!

We've walked a lot this week and Manchee has met many friends, new and old.

This little guy used to play with Manchee when he was a puppy and is the same breed as Manchee's father, a Bedlington Terrier.

We had some magical walks in misty woods filled with secrets and inspiration.

Now I'm working on more lists and prioritising the order of sketches and paintings. There is much to do. The Etsy sale will begin this week, so look out for price changes and I'll put a notice up here when it's all ready.

Monday, 9 January 2012


I can't believe we're already into week two of the New Year and I've not yet updated the Etsy shop. Slap my wrists.

My oomph has totally left me and now my poor dear son has come down with this dreadful virus. It's hit us all in different ways and after a few days of feeling rough and laying on the sofa, my poor boy developed Scarlatina, which can be quite nasty if not treated quickly enough! A visit to casualty and a good dose of antibiotics was how we spent our Sunday!

I have managed to take the dog to the park and he's met some wonderful new and old friends. I just hope the photos turned out well.

A day of catch up today and hopefully back to the Studio for me tomorrow. I'm missing my drawing/painting and I have a new doll waiting to be finished. I hope she turns out well as I'm cutting out individual, tiny scales and it's taking forever. Can you guess what she is???

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year.

To all my blogging friends I send Bright Blessings for a prosperous New Year.

As the new wheel starts to turn I find myself with lists, great long lists to write and organise and put my thoughts and work in order. I have so many projects to plan and am so excited to get started. But first, my last day of the school holiday will be spent taking Mooming to Chesapeake Mill. I'm really looking forward to it and hope to get some inspiration for finishing off the kitchen.

Later this week I'll be having a sale at my Etsy shop for the whole of January. Some costly trips to the vet in November and December has meant that we are poor church mice again, but at least kitten and dog are hale and hearty now!!!!

There'll be reductions on prints and originals plus some new needle felt items that are taking up space and need to move on! I need a quiet sit down to work it all through and that's best achieved when I'm alone! So please pop back later in the week if you want to snag a bargain.