Tuesday, 28 February 2012

When I should be working.

The days begin with an often inspiring walk with the dog. The Lake has become one of our favourite places to visit and at times the air is still and silent except for the various bird calls drifting across the water.

These willows are just so fascinating and I hope to include them in a painting one day soon.

Meanwhile, back at the field, the chickens have been left to range freely with the ponies, in the hope that Merlin will chase off any foxes (or next door's dog!!!). So far, so good and Toffee seems quite happy to watch over them too!

Although, frequent raids on the hay shed have had suprising discoveries while making up the hay nets, thankfully just the occassional egg and nothing more yukky, yet!

I took Merlin for a long walk in the sunshine (that was when I was supposed to be working) and we had such a good time together that he didn't want to leave my side. So I snapped a couple of photos. Can you see where my inspiration for all the faeries and unicorns come from? This could turn into another painting!!!

Right, three paintings are waiting in my head and I'm itching to get some sculpting done too. Have a lovely week, dear bloggers :D

PS. The Etsy shop has been updated and you can find it here, or in the sidebar.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Coming soon!

Despite having a total duvet day, I've not been completely idle and have managed to finalise a couple of paintings. The first one is of the Unicorns I featured a glimpse of in this post. I struggled with the painting for such a long time, which was strange as the main part of it was finished in just a couple of days. That sometimes happens though, a painting will go really well at first and then grind to a complete and inexplicable halt.

It's called 'The Return' as magic returns to our world :D

These pictures are pretty low quality, but of course, that's so that no one is tempted to 'borrow' them!

This next one is the halfway mark of 'The Angels'. I was so happy with it, but the tonal quality was too similar, making it a bit flat.

Despite the poor quality of the photo, the change of dress colour for the Angel and her new hair colour has given the painting a greater depth. It's nearly finished and just needs a few finishing touches.

As soon as I'm able, and dodgy tummy permitting, I'll be getting these pictures ready for printing and the Etsy shop.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Magical walks.

Warning,there are lots of pictures in this post!!!
I can't believe that just last week we still had ice and snow!

I had such a beautiful walk with Manchee. These woods are normally very peaceful, but the snow hushed day made me want to creep along as if keeping a secret.

This is a private woodland filled with lots of uppy-downey paths that suddenly vanish into the undergrowth.

Manchee loves to just go off and explore alone

leaving me to amble along with my camera. This view is of the South Downs which stretch in both directions from where I live.

I love the gnarly roots of this tree and know it will find it's way into a painting soon.

Somehow I ended up in a deep gulley and had to climb and scramble up the side to find a better path.

Manchee found me at this point, and I could see his ears bobbing along the top ridge as he hopped about looking for me :D

A few days later, I walked with the Woodelf in her woods and managed to get a very rare photo of her. Being of the Fae people, she is very funny about cameras and modern contraptions, shying away from them often. But here she is, in case you thought she wasn't real, with her two little fae dogs :D (and my daft one in the distance!)

This week, I took the Moomin to our Rookery woods as I knew the river would be full and I desperately wanted pictures of it before it dried out again. It's a very impermanent river often vanishing under piles of leaves to re-emerge further along the course way.

Much deeper into the woods, the river suddenly emerged at the Fairy Mound, which was just what we'd been hoping for.

Manchee was reluctant to get wet, even for a stick, which with hindsight was a good thing, as the pool was a bit stagnant and smelly!

Moomin took time out to read a book while I did some exploring and

Manchee clowned around :D

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fairy Mural.

Here she is, my version of a Froudian fairy. I love her to bits even though I got a numb bottom from perching on the edge of the kitchen sink to paint her!!! I think my next fairy will be in an easier to reach place. I fancy a little parade of fairies walking from the window into a little woodland under the cupboards!

My winged horse painting is taking shape after inspiration hit me while feeding my ponies, then this morning as I woke up, another painting popped into my head. Wow, my muse is keeping me busy at the moment, long may it continue :D

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Well, a bit of a stuck day, although my rambling thoughts have come up with a title for my Unicorn painting, so here it is, in a low quality picture (so it's not worth pinching, haha!)

'Singing to the Muse'

I love painting fairies and magical creatures and this is where my muse takes me, so for a while I'll be exploring this style, but the portraits will still pop up from time to time :D

And now on to my next painting. I'm stuck with the background and composition, so today will be spent sketching and playing with notebooks.

This painting is based on a photo of me giving Reiki to my wonderful horse Oliver. Sadly, he left me 5 years ago, and thinking of him still brings tears to my eyes. It's been in my sketchbook for the last 5 years and now I think I'm ready to work on it.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Almost done!

I managed to squeeze a little time in today to get more done to the unicorn. He's not so scary now :D A few finishing touches left and the moon to complete. I've been saving that 'til last :D

I'll be finishing it off tomorrow and then it's on to my next one, I can't wait, yaaay :D

Windling Trees.

We have snow! Not a lot, but enough to give the world that delicate glamour, the sheen that hides the imperfections beneath. I slept badly last night and went to the window to see how much snow had fallen. It was deep and soft, a fluffy duvet over the garden, but later I heard rain and when I looked again, the snow was shrinking. It's still beautiful and hushed in the garden, but little chance of being snowed in tomorrow which is what my household secretly longs for, an extension of the weekend!!!

I've been working so hard this week on a new set of paintings, and I wish I could share some pictures with you, but the latest one is at that scruffy, not quite done stage. Hopefully I'll get some time today, but Sundays are my cleaning and baking days. My time to prepare the house and fill the larder with food for the week so that I can focus on my painting in between dog walking and pony feeding :D And today, I have to at least set aside a little time to play in the snow :D

I'm sharing this post that was shared by Terri Windling and I'd love you to have a look at this woman's beautiful blog.


It's a great idea and as I'm in the middle of redecorating the entire house, I can see some Windling Trees popping up all over :D