Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Weird weather.

Goodness me, but hasn't it been hot lately? The poor animals just don't know what to do with themselves.

Last weekend we went to the beach and Manchee had an incredible time and in fact, so did we, running along the sand and getting thoroughly soaked in the freezing water.

I've been doing a little work for a large estate that has a model farm and is where Merlin's baby is living. The ponies there haven't yet shed their winter coats and the sheep are sweltering in their thick wool, their little lambkins are struggling too in the intense heat!

One tiny lamb was in such a deep sleep that I thought he must be dying, so still was he and not long been born. Poor little thing was roughly woken by me and then his newborn brain thought I must be mama, and he followed me around, ignoring his very cross and disgruntled real mother! Finally I reunited them, but he was still gazing at me as I left the paddock, sigh!

This was one of the first set of twins born, not my baby, but mine was very similar :D

Merlin's baby found it all too much and needed a good long lay down. He barely moved when I crept in next to him and put my arms around his beautiful head and cuddled him tight to me. Love him to bits and I'm so lucky to be spending time with him at such a young age <3

I've been working in the studio too and have started a painting based around the legend of the Morrigan. She is considered a battle Goddess and can appear as a crow. The circle behind her will be a shield to represent the battle and the crow is her familiar. Moomin posed for this picture a long time ago, but only now have I decided how to use it.

I'm using oils for this one and I love the glowing, creamy textures. There's so much to do before it's finished though!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Branching out, or trees on the brain!

On a very wet and misty morning, Manchee and I went for one of our magical walks. We found secret stairways and giant twisty trees, some looming from mist shrouded banks above our heads.

This tree was an absolute giant.

Manchee could stand up in the cavity at it's base and I'm sure I could have squeezed in there too, but it was a bit creepy and imagine that massive trunk suspended over my head. No not for me!

I sat down and played with watercolours when I got home. Throwing a load of paint and salt onto my paper. When it was dry I sketched over it with white pencils and then some acrylic highlights. I'm happy with the result, I'll use it for gift labels and cards.

Then I tackled the sketch of the tiny unicorn. I was going to do this as a watercolour, but instead went for pencils. It's a very long job, filling in each section, smudging and blending and then lifting highlights. But what a way to lose yourself, it's pure and simple fun and the little guy makes me smile so much, he's so like Merlin when he's being cute :D

ps, Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mummies out there.x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Commissioned portraits.

A few days ago I was approached by a lady asking me about portraits. I don't think this is something I advertise enough as she wasn't sure if I did them or not. We had a chat and she's going to get back to me with a decision, but it got me thinking.

I enjoy painting commissions for people and especially if they are a loved pet, but sometimes the need to lose myself in a fairy painting takes over and I neglect to talk about this side of my work.

So here are a few pointers to providing good material if you would like a pet portrait. I work from photos of the subject and they need to be a good quality picture. The layout is discussed at length and you would get two chances to make major changes before I commit paint to the picture.

This picture of Manchee is a good example, it's ok, but a little blurry. The pose is nice though, so it could be used as the main layout with other clearer photos used
for details.

This photo is perfect. Manchee's pose is lovely, the background contrasts well with his fur and his expression is lively.

And this is one picfture I may just have to paint, because they look so in love :D

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Etsy shop.

The shop is now updated here.

Fairies and all things Fae.

To make up for lack of posts, this one will be extra long, haha!

I've finished painting some of my lovely wood slices and they have been so worth the extra effort to sand the wood to a silky surface. I cut the slices by hand and they can be pretty ragged when I'm done, so my trusty little sander has been hard at work smoothing out the rough bits.

This is a wall hanging and will sit snuggly on a small nail or hook. I may add a few beads or dangly bits to the bottom.

These are little totem pendants and they measure roughly an inch across the diameter. I didn't want to make them any bigger as I wanted to keep them delicate.

The Oak tree pendant was my first and I painted the reverse side

with a Triskell.

The others are plain on the back as I prefer it that way. I love the Stag and hope I can reproduce this image again.

Little owl, and soon some crows :D I can paint other totems by request and these will be in the shop soon.

Saturday Moomin and I went to Glastonbury for the Faery Fair and we met this lovely lady, Julie Carter. She was so sweet and makes adorable little Fae folk. Sadly the picture isn't clear enough to see them well.

The armour was made by Terry English, who has made costumes for so many films, among them Sucker Punch (Moomin's favourite!!!), Batman, Excalibur etc... the list goes on and on.

I adore this piece and would love to paint a night in armour, hmmm..... maybe I will :D

Back at home I went to visit Merlin's baby boy, Padraig. If I say I'm in love, you have to keep it to yourselves as Merlin would be so very, very jealous!

Merlin of course is my best boy,and although this isn't a great photo, if you look at how he's standing

You can see that Padraig is a chip off the old block.
Just as mischevious too :D I've had quite a time playing with him <3