Friday, 27 April 2012

The Little Unicorn - Lost.

My latest picture of the Little Unicorn is all but done now, just some tweaking and then it's ready to go into the Etsy shop.  A story is starting to form here and I'm enjoying working through the ideas in my head.

The weather has forced me to take time off from the Farm and to be honest, I've really needed the break.  Physically I was overdoing it all and my muscles just ran out of energy!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lambing and juggling!

Working at the Farm means that I'm having to juggle my time and finances very, very carefully. So far I've not done a great job and both are suffering, but my energy levels have taken the biggest hit.

Yesterday had to be the most tiring so far. I did my work with the ponies and then rushed down to the lambing pen to see if I could be of use. Not having a great deal of experience, I was mostly in danger of getting in everyone's way! I did manage to point out a few ewes that were having difficulties and the experts were there to assist them. It was awe inspiring, but largely chaotic as several ewes all decided to deliver at once some in an alarming fashion. I'll spare you the details!

When peace settled between deliveries, I snapped some pictures.

The large structure in the background is going to be a covered pen for some of the ewes and their lambs next to the visitors picnic area. It's a very beautiful farm :D

Meanwhile, back in the studio the painting continues. I'm not happy with the way the girl's hair blends with the crow's wing, so I'm thinking of a dramatic change!!!

I'm also planning a group of farm pictures to be hung in the Dairy at the Model Farm and the next picture in the Little Unicorn series is taking shape. No wonder I'm tired!!!