Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Today we're off on an adventure to London and I'm almost hopping with excitement. What a big child I am :D

I haven't been to the Capital for quite a few years and it's going to be so much fun as I'm in charge of the agenda for a change :D We're definitely going to Kensington gardens as I have a deep desire to paint a picture of the Peter Pan fountain. Then it's off to a delightful Italian restaurant that the Moomin has been to and insists we have lunch at. Moomin is a little more travelled and Cosmopolitan than her hippy mama :D

Sunday, 26 August 2012


For once I'm ahead of the game and have turned my thoughts from Summer to Autumn, and in particular, Halloween! I've been making adorable little earrings from polymer clay and I can't wait to get them finished.

They make me smile soooo much, so that has to be a good thing :D

The process hasn't been without a few hiccups, quite literally!!! A pair mysteriously vanished and I hunted high and low, ignoring my gently snoring dog until there was nowhere else to look. Behold, on the laptop just in front of his head was a half eaten earring, complete with a few smudgy nose prints!!! What a norty boy!!!

I'm now making a dozen or so little skull earrings and then I'll be putting them in the Etsy shop :D Lets hope no more are 'sampled' before I can sell them :D

Friday, 24 August 2012

Looking for a title!

Finally this painting is pretty much done, and it's been a tough old journey. I'm not sure why it gave me such a headache, but I think maybe because I didn't focus enough on the layout details I lost my way at the mid point! I suddenly decided to put in a cat to fill the center ground and it all came together. Now a title eludes me, but I have other paintings on the easel and a sculpture to get started, so no time to hang around and ponder :D

The kittens are growing and have been renamed 'Manchee's Minions' as they adore him :D Somewhere under his chin is Fae, who I used for my inspiration in the painting! She seems to have lost her head!!!