Saturday, 22 September 2012


The Halloween earrings are finished and now in my Etsy shop Here.
I'm please with how they turned out and had a very happy afternoon watching Harry Potter as I varnished and attached the fixings to them.  Then I had to fight off kittens and dog, who thought they were toys and finally had to give a pair of each to the Moomin so that she could 'model' them for me!  Those photos are to follow :D

Next, I'll be making matching pendants or necklaces as this has been so much fun and I have a hankering to make some shrunken heads, although Moomin says that's gross, haha!

There is a lot happening at the Studio these days and although my painting style is still pretty much the same, I've been playing with Manga designs and have a whole range of paintings/drawings in my head centered around the kittens.

Finn is now almost as big as his Mum and is only 5months old!  The others are growing too, but Banshee (peeping out from behind Gigi) is still teeny, bless her :D

The weather is going to be atrocious tomorrow (apparently) so much work will be done in the Studio and an afternoon watching Kiki's Delivery Service is on the cards.  This is such a beautiful film by the Studio Ghibli and features, of course, a magic black cat called Gigi  :D

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I'm so looking forward to this movie being released that I just have to shout about it :D

The story will probably be entertaining, but what's got me happy dancing is that it's made by the people who made Coraline. I adore this style of old fashioned, stop frame animation and have spent as much time watching the making of Coraline as I have the actual movie. In another life I'd have loved to have been an animator, but maybe that goes back to playing with dolls which is what this is essentially, only on a massive scale :D

If you check this link you'll get an idea of why I'm sooo excited!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Brimful of inspiration.

London was lovely. There's no other way of putting it! We enjoyed the crowds the sights and most definitely the food in Bella Italia :D I survived the Tube despite my fear of the escalators and we took our time to just simply be in the moment there. I think that's the best approach to London when you're a country mouse at heart, otherwise the intense busy-ness of it all has a danger of overwhelming the timid person.

In Kensington gardens is this famous monument dedicated to J.M.Barrie, who wrote Peter Pan. This is the view most often shown of the statue, but you need to get up close to appreciate the fine details of the figures that surround the base.

The artist was George Frampton and the fairies are typically Victorian with a strong influence by Arthur Rackham.

I love the intimate expression in these faces, little vignettes of captured moments.

This is the dedication plate (click on the image for a closer look). If you get the chance to visit Kensington Gardens, do look for this statue, it's far lovelier than any photo can show.

On another scale entirely is this amazing sculpture of Genghis Khan which sits between Hyde Park and the Marble Arch. I was transfixed by the power and captured energy. The artist wanted to show Genghis Khan as a thinker and not just a warrior and I think he managed to portray exactly that. Sadly, the sculpture is only in place until September, which begins today!!!

London, thank you for the inspiration, I'll be back :D

And in case you're wondering, I'm sat in bed, nursing a steaming mug of Earl Grey, a poorly dog and a kitten with a wasp stung face :(