Saturday, 24 November 2012

Etsy Update.

The Fae Babes have now been listed on Etsy Here.

Meanwhile, outside of the Studio I've been working hard to get all the farm animals sorted so that this awful weather doesn't upset them too much.  The goats are getting clean stables and the ponies at my field have been moved to their winter paddocks and I've dug a large ditch around the perimeter of their field shelter.  It was back breaking work, but hopefully the rain will run off and not flood them out!  I normally dig their ditch earlier in the winter, but actually it was easier after already having so much rain, it was like shoveling soup!!!

Back at home I cleared out the greenhouse and have some winter salads sown and I'm hoping for some spinach for Christmas :D  I don't normally grow at this time of the year, so we'll have to see how that goes.

Right, time to feed the soggy wee animals and then it's back to the Studio.  I have some new dolls to make and several paintings on the go!!!  I'm beginning to think I need one of Hermione's time turners to fit it all in :D

Somewhere beneath a mound of fur are my legs, blogging from my bed again!!!  I have all 5 kittens and the dog on me, persuading me to stay with them in the dry, warm cozyness :D (That's Banshee walking towards me, and Tohki's back hiding Fae and Gigi, Finn is beside me.)

Have a lovely and safe weekend dear bloggers.x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Introducing - Fae Babes

Here is what I've been working on this week while I've been unwell, yet again!!!These little dolls are going to debut at my local Country Park Craft Fair tomorrow, but will most likely end up in the Etsy shop :D

I've had so much fun making them, although on one particular day, when I was well below par I made so many mistakes that the whole lot had to be unpicked and started again.  I also had an awful lot of help from the kittens, who were in fact evicted after Banshee tried to swallow a needle and thread.
It was simply too cold to do much work in the Studio, so I put on the fire and TV and listened to the soothing tones of Nigella Lawson cooing over mountains of butter and cream as she created meals to stop your heart after one bite :D  I adore her style though and can watch her cooking all the time, regardless of how many times I've seen an episode.  I could make a peanut butter cheesecake in my sleep!
The one above a leaf shaped organza skirt and the one below is sporting a very fetching hair band.  These dolls are all hand stitched and the obvious  stitching and flaws are all part of  their charm.
The little Fae below is wearing a scrap of very expensive trim as a shawl and a piece of hand dyed Scrim for her skirt.  I've been trying natural dyes on pieces of fabric and the tea/coffee combination is very effective.
The dolls have different skin tones, which is fun to play with alongside hair and clothing colour combinations.  I have a lot more to make and have some ideas for bigger dolls too.  These measure between 5 and 6inches.

When I have more time, I'll be playing with making wings, carved wooden adornments and some Steampunk themes.  Meanwhile the massive painting continues :D

Saturday, 3 November 2012

New Painting, at last.

I've been very unwell since my last post and finally feel myself returning to normal.  There has been a lot of resting, crochet and sewing, but not much else!

I've decided to return with a bang and this new painting is my biggest ever.  It's so large that it wouldn't fit my easel and is instead propped up on my work table.  It's a bit of a departure again for me, but don't worry, there are a few fairy paintings on their way too.

So here's a little preview and a taste of things to come :D

I hope you are all well, my blogging friends.x