Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Steam and Terrier.

In reply to Bovey Belle's question about the Steam painting, the cogs and wheels operate a huge door inside the cave where the Dragon riders live.  All the details are lost behind the Dragon's steamy breath, but the title also refers to the Steampunk theme.  The Dragon and Fairy are waiting to leave the cave to go and fight their latest mission :D

For those interested, I grew up reading the Anne McCaffrey dragon books and this is more than likely where my abiding love of Dragons came from.  Fairies were definitely brought to life for me by Brian Froud, which is strange as I find myself drawing and painting traditional fairies, yet if they existed (of course they do) I believe they'd be grubby and more than a bit scarey!

So back to 'normal land' today with a commissioned painting of a little Parson's Jack Russell Terrier!
After the initial sketch, I then block in some crazy colours.  Being self taught, I'm not sure how other artists get their colours down or the proper procedures, but I find that a base coat of blue brings out
the glossy highlights.
 I'm not sure how much of his legs will stay in the final picture, but being a Pasron's terrier it would be nice to show off his lovely long legs :D
 Halfway mark although it feels like there is still so far to go!  I absolutely love painting this little guy as he's got the sweetest face and when I met him to take the photos, he was a darling little poppet :D


Dragonfly Dreams said...

YOU are absolutely wonderful at painting!

Bovey Belle said...

Oh well done - that little terrier is really coming to life and is so good. Thanks for answering my questions about the Dragon story!

Beth Niquette said...

I adore that you share the progression of your work.