Saturday, 18 May 2013

Word association sketches.

If anyone can think of a better name, then I'd welcome the input :D

What I've been thinking this last week is that I'd like to start a group where we contribute random words and turn these words into simple thumbnail sketches.

The words would be posted on a Monday, 6 seems a good number, then on the following Monday we post our sketches on our blogs along with a link back here to the original post.  Then you would sign in to the Linky that I will provide so that anyone visiting my blog can go and see what the other group participants have made of the words.

The sketches can be anything from pencil to ink or if you really want to you can add a little coloured pencil.  The whole idea though is that the sketches are loose and random, something that could be later turned into a painting or simply left as is.

If you're interested in joining, please leave a comment and if you can think of a word to start us off, then that would be good too :D

Edited to add:

I'll post all of the words on Monday so that people can find their inspiration as the week progresses and hopefully have a full set of sketches to post by the following Monday :D


Rosemari Roast said...

What a fun idea! And if I weren't already over-extended I'd hop right and join the fun.

I'll do my best to stop by and revisit this activity and your lovely blog … and *when* my life winds down I'll want to join in on this creative sharing!

Bovey Belle said...

That sounds a lovely idea. I am better at copying than sketching, but I guess I need to practice. I'll see how I get on, so count me in.

Yarrow said...

Yaay, welcome BB and I hope you can fit it in sometime Rosemari :D

Tammie Lee said...

fun that you want to do this. one single word can inspire so many different things. I am guessing i will join in here and there like i do with many prompts. it depends on my life and available time.

some words:

I will pop by Monday and see what the first word is.

Yarrow said...

Oh Tammie, I love those words.

rossichka said...

Dear Kimberley, what a lovely idea! So many people will inspire each other... It's interesting to see where the power of words will lead them to. I would like to participate, too, although I'm not an artist, may I? Maybe I'll make some papercutting... I'm really very busy with family and theatre matters in the next couple of weeks, so maybe I'll try later.
Two words came up to my mind: melody and fusion.
Good luck and enjoy the journey!xx

P.S. I answered you comment in my bog.

Beth Niquette said...

I've always loved word association games. LOL I remember playing them as a child. One time, someone who'd never heard of, or played the game, thought I was a nut. LOL But, perhaps that is true, and I'm not sure 'tis bad, either. (grin)