Monday, 20 May 2013

Word Sketches - 1st week.

So, here we are with our first word sketch day.

I'll quickly outline the aim as clearly as I can.  This is a fun exercise aimed at getting our creativity flowing.  Anyone can join in, with any style you would like, including collage and/or scrap booking.  For me, it's a way of turning words into sketches and hopefully at some point paintings.  Dip in or out weekly as you feel fit, there's no commitment, especially if none of the words appeal to you.

Take the words away, have a play with them and then next Monday use them in a blog post, displaying the results and  linking that post back to here where there will be a corresponding post containing the Linky.  Fill in the Linky so that visitors to my blog can jump to yours and see what you've been doing.  That way we can all visit each other easily.

I think this is the best way to do this, but if anyone has any other suggestions, they are most welcome.

So the words for week 1 are:


Good luck and lets get sketching :D


Tammie Lee said...

i think i will attempt to join in this first and beautiful week.

so we have six words to play with. i am guessing we can do all the sketches inspired by one word, or a sketch for each word, or a sketch that some how includes all the words...

sounds like fun.
thank you for hosting.

lovely sketching week to you ~

Yarrow said...

The idea is for 6 little thumbnails, but if you want to do a big one with all the words in that's up to you :D

Beth Niquette said...

Hello, there Tammie Lee and Yarrow--I belive I'd like to join, if I may! This sounds like fun.

Thank you, dear Tammie for alerting me to this charming artist!

Tammie Lee said...

so happy to see that Beth is joining us!

Beth Niquette said...

I have mine up as of in five minutes!!! Woohoo! (grin) Have a lovely day you two!

Beth Niquette said...

Haha...I am a bit early, looks like. Oy. (grin)

Tammie Lee said...


just posted mine, thanks for the inspiration!