Saturday, 8 June 2013


Ok, so my sketching plans have not gone at all well.  The only way I can do this at the moment, while trying to juggle a busy schedule and my up and down health, is if I do just one word per week.  This is just for now and if I can extend the words then that's what I'll do.  So, the word for next week will still be Circus and I'll post up my picture over the weekend.

I hope that doesn't cause anyone any hassles and of course, you can add your own sketch words if you wish, just fill in the Linky and share your pictures on Monday.

All the best to you and happy sketching :D


Tammie Lee said...

i think one word is a great idea
wishing you well

sending light

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Too many choices can alter the creative soul within. Fly with one and soar! Looking forward to seeing your sketch!