Monday, 7 October 2013

Glastonbury Wytches Market

The Market on Saturday was tremendous fun and I was happy with my new look stall.  The layout seemed to work for the visitors too, as I had lots of people stop and chat and I must say a huge thank you to everyone who bought pictures and gifts from me.

I'm always amazed at how the hall can start off so empty and plain but a short time later, take on the feel of a  magical marketplace. I had the chance to meet up with stall holder friends from the last market, and make a few more this time around. Surprisingly, none of the Dragon bottles sold, so I have some of those to list in one of my shops.  The question is, which shop???  The Etsy shop or my website?

I have to say that I returned home with a good deal of gratitude, mainly because my car made it back safely.  The poor old thing is acting quite tired these days!!!  I was also glad to get back to my dear pony Toffee, who has been extremely ill over the last couple of weeks.  He seems to be turning the corner now, but I'll tell more of his story on the Holistic blog.

I have a few days of sorting stock and pulling together my rather untidy house before cracking on with a new set of paintings.  I also have a very large sculpting project on the go and I have to find the time to finish off  this rather tricky fellow before my next Market which is on 16th November in a little place called Bedhampton.

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rossichka said...

Hello! I can see you are busy again with such wonderful things! It's gonna be an artistic Autumn for you(I can "smell" it in the air)!How I'd love to visit such a market and buy some treasures!:)