Thursday, 30 May 2013

The advantages of being unwell.

As I've mentioned on 'the other blog', I've been very unwell for quite some time. Finally the Doctors have decided I have Fibromyalgia. It's horrible. I'm not as ill as some people with worse conditions, but I'm not able to live my life the way I always have and that's taken some getting used to.

There are some days when the pain is un-relenting and I have no choice but to go with it and lose much precious time that I would rather be out, with the ponies or dog. Instead I've begun sketching. Anything and everything, lying on the sofa with dog and cats for cuddles and a hot water bottle on my back or legs. The result has been sketchbooks filling up and my brain turning those images into paintings almost before I've finished drawing. These are my Silver Lining Days.

Sometimes, I wedge the hot water bottle between my back and my chair and paint until my shoulders tell me to stop.  My style is evolving and my pictures bring me so much happiness that I  wish I'd sat still and done this years ago.

So far these paintings have the working titles of  'Fox in the silver trees'
and 'Silver in the Darkwoods'. 
Would you believe, I have three more on the easel as I type!!!

Work and Play

I've been taking Manchee to the woods this week to make the most of the cool, inspiring atmosphere.  The top two photos are of the woods near to my house while the 3rd one is a little further away and I have to take the car.  At the moment the woods are full of the sounds of busy birds and the scents of bluebells and wild garlic.  The garlic is in flower right now and the smell can be overpowering, but after a night of heavy rain it was gorgeous, fresh and still very good to eat :D
I love this tree and the way it's roots spread out in all directions.  You can't tell from this picture, but it's huge and has a cute little fairy pool around the far side, I must take more pictures next time.
These woods we visit every other week, but they go on for miles and right now I haven't the strength to venture too far.  It's also where my friend the Woodelf lives.  She's so lucky to have all this surrounding her home :D
Finally, my Valkyrie made into a painting.  Quite different for me, but I'm finding the more time I spend painting, the more I surprise myself with what happens

Monday, 27 May 2013

Week 1 Sketches and words for week 2.

So here it is finally, the results for Week 1 of  the Word Sketches. 

How did everyone get on?  Well, I have to say that I had intended to do the sketches daily, but instead I left them until the weekend and fluffed them a bit, boo :(  This week, I intend to do the sketches each morning as a warm up before I get going with the paintings etc...

Well, here they are :

Sylvan.  This was a picture I sketched of a little fairy mound that I like to sit on in the woods.
Legend of the Valkyries, this has become a painting now which I'll share later.
Fusion, I like this idea and will explore it more.
Melody.  I pinched the idea for this from an old fairytale book I adored as a child.
Luminare, this is an old sketch that later became a painting, but I may redo it.
Time, and this is a very old sketch that later went on to become a clock!

Click on the picture to see it clearer.
I did cheat on two sketches that I already had, but the others flowed quite well.

Here is the Linky (I hope) for those of you who took part.  Add your details in the box below and fingers crossed.  I think this has been a bit of an experiment for week 1 and I hope to get it better next week.

The words I have for next week are:


Please let me know any feedback and also any words you want to include for Week 3.  Happy sketching :D

(My biggest headache, by the way, was getting the images resized and into a workable format.  My copy of Photoshop is more glitchy than a room full of Gremlins and my old standby the incredibly cheap and ancient Serif, is simply beyond my patience sometimes.  Still, it's done and I'll try and remember how I did it next week! )

Monday, 20 May 2013

Word Sketches - 1st week.

So, here we are with our first word sketch day.

I'll quickly outline the aim as clearly as I can.  This is a fun exercise aimed at getting our creativity flowing.  Anyone can join in, with any style you would like, including collage and/or scrap booking.  For me, it's a way of turning words into sketches and hopefully at some point paintings.  Dip in or out weekly as you feel fit, there's no commitment, especially if none of the words appeal to you.

Take the words away, have a play with them and then next Monday use them in a blog post, displaying the results and  linking that post back to here where there will be a corresponding post containing the Linky.  Fill in the Linky so that visitors to my blog can jump to yours and see what you've been doing.  That way we can all visit each other easily.

I think this is the best way to do this, but if anyone has any other suggestions, they are most welcome.

So the words for week 1 are:


Good luck and lets get sketching :D

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Word association sketches.

If anyone can think of a better name, then I'd welcome the input :D

What I've been thinking this last week is that I'd like to start a group where we contribute random words and turn these words into simple thumbnail sketches.

The words would be posted on a Monday, 6 seems a good number, then on the following Monday we post our sketches on our blogs along with a link back here to the original post.  Then you would sign in to the Linky that I will provide so that anyone visiting my blog can go and see what the other group participants have made of the words.

The sketches can be anything from pencil to ink or if you really want to you can add a little coloured pencil.  The whole idea though is that the sketches are loose and random, something that could be later turned into a painting or simply left as is.

If you're interested in joining, please leave a comment and if you can think of a word to start us off, then that would be good too :D

Edited to add:

I'll post all of the words on Monday so that people can find their inspiration as the week progresses and hopefully have a full set of sketches to post by the following Monday :D

Friday, 10 May 2013


It's been a busy time here at the studio and not all of my time has been spent painting. Here are a couple that have been finished in the last few weeks. This is a portrait of an Eriskay pony and rider on the beach.

And a return to fairy painting for a while. This one was based on a pose by the Moomin and is called 'Mothlight'. Available soon in the Etsy shop.