Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Over worked!!!

I've had to take a break from the sketches this week as I've been totally swamped with work for my very first Wytches Market in Glastonbury on Saturday. I'm so excited to be going, but so much has to be prepared and brought together to make my stall look interesting and hopefully show off my paintings to their best. I've bought new fabric for the table, the display stands have all been repainted and I've had to cobble together some kind of outfit as many of the stall holders dress up. I bought a lovely skirt for the event, but sadly it was way too tight!!! By the next event I'll have made something suitable, stay tuned :D So, next weeks word will be FIRE and I'll try to get the Linky up on Sunday night if I'm not too tired. All newcomers are most welcome and it will be good to get this going a little better once I have more time to deal with it. Right now, it's back to the grindstone. Have a lovely week all.x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Word Sketch - Heart

I'll post my sketch later, but here is the Linky for anyone taking part :D

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Last weeks word, oops!

I forgot to post up last weeks word, so lets make it an easy one, how about 'heart'. I've already got a couple of ideas, happy sketching :D

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Word Sketch - Circus

I've been playing with pictures of Trapeze artists and it's taking me in all sorts of directions.  This is my favourite and I think it will become a painting, maybe the next one.

So, it's a day late but here's the Linky to share your circus pictures.

Also this week I've been working on my painting of Nimue who was consort/apprentice to the great Mage Merlin.  I call him Mage as Wizard seems a bit too Disney!!!  There are so many stories surrounding the relationship between Merlin and Nimue, some that they were lovers and others tell of her learning all she could from him before imprisoning him in a tree or cave.  I've simply painted her with his book of spells, sitting by the edge of the lake.  She has a sword, but is it Excalibur and is the face on the tree Merlin or simply because I've been watching too much Game of Thrones?  These answers are for the viewer to work out. I've given you the details, but the story is yours to weave.

It's not quite finished, but nearly there.  As I was painting the horse in the back ground, I sat back and suddenly realised that I'd painted my own sweet horse Oliver, who left this world six years ago.  He's never far from my thoughts but it's still a surprise when he pops up in a painting :D

I've also been doing some smaller paintings  and this one is 'School for Seahorses'. I'll be getting some cards and prints made for Etsy soon, so keep an eye out for these :D

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Ok, so my sketching plans have not gone at all well.  The only way I can do this at the moment, while trying to juggle a busy schedule and my up and down health, is if I do just one word per week.  This is just for now and if I can extend the words then that's what I'll do.  So, the word for next week will still be Circus and I'll post up my picture over the weekend.

I hope that doesn't cause anyone any hassles and of course, you can add your own sketch words if you wish, just fill in the Linky and share your pictures on Monday.

All the best to you and happy sketching :D

Monday, 3 June 2013

Week 2 Sketches.

Ok dear people, here is the link for the sketches and mine will be posted tomorrow.  I'm afraid I've had a tiring couple of days and can't upload the sketches just yet.

Thank you to all the people who comment, read and take an interest in my blog.  You're all wonderful :D

Here is the Linky and can we have some suggestions for next weeks words?

I'd like to add Circus again for next week, as I still have so many images.  So far the words are: