Sunday, 29 September 2013

Dragon/Witch bottles

Just lately I've been preparing for the Glastonbury Wytches Market, which takes place next Saturday, the 5th in the Town Hall. This means that I've been making various things that I wouldn't normally do and I've been having a ball :D- These are my Dragon bottles, based around the old practice of making a Witch bottle to protect your home. This picture was taken before baking and sadly the little red dragon didn't survive!!!
This is a close up of one of the golden dragons. The process goes through several stages, making, baking and then careful preparation of the spell to go inside, this includes a combination of herbs from my garden and several corresponding crystals.  The spell is then sealed inside with a generous amount of Reiki for healing, love and luck. They measure about 2inches high, so are really cute :D
They will possibly go in the shop when I get back, but if you're coming to the Market, grab one at a discounted price as I won't have to charge postage and packing :D

Monday, 9 September 2013

A very busy Summer.

The blog title says it all really! Here are a few things I've been working on over the Summer. Little Witchy bodies

almost finished, they just need baking along with a whole batch of earrings, pumpkins and skellys.

I've invested in some proper cards to mount the earrings on.  I'm easily pleased :D

Leave your broomstick in the bucket by the door :D

I took a much needed break to go and visit some adorable Hanoverian babies.  These youngsters are only 4 months old and are already bigger than my baby Bo!!!  This is my friend who has bought one!  I was sorely tempted, but instead took lots of photos for future paintings.

My most recent project has been painting miniature pictures to go in these tiny pendants.  They measure 25mm x 18mm, so I have quite a headache today! 
I've finally opened a shop in my website and you can find these pendants and many other things by following this link