Saturday, 9 November 2013

New projects and changing styles.

I have several different methods when it comes to painting, but I hope overall that my own style still manages to show through! For this painting I used acrylic and my 'throw it all on the canvas' technique. I love this wild messy approach and only discovered it was possible with acrylic this year!
Creating splashy runs in acrylic is possible by throwing white spirit at the canvas in much the same way that you can put salt on watercolour to produce back runs and little halos of colour.  The acrylic isn't as reactive though and it has taken a lot of practice before anything looks the way I want it to.
It is fun though and I love the effect at the left side of the picture below.  It doesn't always dry like this though, so there is an element of doubt/worry/surpise using this method :D
Once the paint was dry, I then went in with tighter brush strokes and defined the images. 
I wanted the horse's eye to overlap that of the girl as this is the point of her third eye and was an image that came to me during a Reiki Meditation.
Finally more details were added and the extra horse eyes were included as this is most definitely a painting for spirit horses.  Those from the past, present and future who have need of healing. This is the first of many that will be for a special project I'm working on.  I'm pretty excited :D

The new painting on my easel is back to using watercolour.  Originally the figures were going to be set against a city backdrop, but I hated the weight of the buildings, so I traced my original drawing and started again.  I may come back to the cityscape when I've resolved my issues with oppressive buildings, lol!
I thought I'd share the chaos that is my studio!  It needs a darned good tidy up, that's for sure! In the background you can see the latest painting with the new backdrop, also, my rather large sculpture of Jack the Pumpkin King, still waiting to be painted.  My chair was occupied by Gigi, so I resorted to drawing my new pictures (two more on the go!) whilst sat on the floor.  The light is so good in this room, that I may never move back to the outside Studio!!!
I love my 'new to me' chair.  It's in a perfect spot to watch the kitties chasing dragonflies and fishing in the pond (top left corner).  My garden is rather jungle like at the moment :D